January 06, 2017

Christmas 2016 was much anticipated after surviving my first term of uni. It was full of family time, late nights, buffets of all the best snacks, games with cousins and siblings and sofa time watching Christmas films - this years included Elf, Home Alone and a lot of Harry Potter.

I received some fantastic presents. As I get older I notice my pile of presents are smaller, this year saw me realise this is exactly how I liked it. I like thoughtful presents. Presents that will benefit me and not be chucked in the loft to be found next Christmas. One of these presents was an amazing digital camera from my parents. All the classic presents of bath products, pyjama's and socks. So many pairs of socks and I'm not complaining. Socks are great, Buy me socks.  I even got some with avocado's on!

Obviously the bookworm I am, I unwrapped a few books including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Review here).  The perfect present for a university student is going to be shaped mysteriously like a bottle, am I right?  Not only did I receive alcohol, it was a limited edition peppermint flavoured liqueur by Smirnoff. Remember when your mum had an Avon catalogue delivered and you could scratch and sniff the perfumed pages, well, the bottle has a special coating in which you can literally scratch and sniff the bottle. My siblings and I spent most of Christmas Day scratching the bottle and dreaming of candy canes.

Christmas is always spent at home with my immediate family. My dog loves to open presents even if they aren't hers and it's a highlight every year. I love spending the day cosy with my family. I valued it more this year, felt more grateful because of moving to Bath, time is precious and family time is so important. 

Second Christmas being vegan. Woohoo. Give me a plate of vegetables and a nut roast. Love me some parsnips.

Boxing Day tradition for as long as I can remember is a large family gathering at my aunt's house. More buffets. More silly games and alcohol. Catching up with relatives I don't see often. 

The last week of December is hectic, in the best way. It's Christmas and my birthday three days later. 2016 saw my 21st birthday. More books were received, of course. What else do you buy someone who loves books more than anything else? 

My mum got me a birthday cake made by my favourite independent coffee shop in my town. It was utterly delicious. Rich in dark chocolate with it being vegan. I pictured myself as Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda. Chocolate cake everywhere. I went out for dinner with my family, we went to an Indian restaurant. I had a aubergine mash dish with rice and my sister and I shared a trio of sorbets for pudding.  

And now, we enter January. Although the weather is bleak I'm looking forward to trying to squeeze all my clothes back into my suitcase and going back to university.  Second semester of 1st year. Here we go! More writing and reading.

How was your Christmas? 

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