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December 23, 2016

I'm a runner. I love running, It fills my body with immense joy and satisfaction. So, when lovely Abbie from Summerdale publishing got in touch with me about a non-fiction book all about the art of running I practically screamed yes. Plus it was a nice gift to come home to after returning from my first semester at university. Maybe Abbie knows me well, running has been my thing for two years now and this book has motivated me. Especially after eating a few too many mince pies and feeling joyful after glasses of mulled cider. Mulled cider is now my favourite festive treat.

In this magnificent collection of astonishing accomplishments and inspiring stories Phil Hewitt tells the journeys of some extraordinary runners. Runners of all abilities, ages and ethnicity's. Whether you like to run regularly or if you have never run before, it doesn't matter because In The Running is loaded with passion and motivation for the sport. You might find yourself buying running trainers in the Boxing Day sales.

Here we discover the history of marathon running and where it all began. Incredible stories of cancer patients running 26.2 miles during chemotherapy. Imagine running a marathon as a healthy being, difficult? Imagine running the same marathon battling a life threatening illness. Competitors often enter the run to raise money for their chosen charities, whether that be because the charity has helped them personally or someone they know. Charities including Sport Relief, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society, Carroll Centre for the Blind and Cancer Research.

Would you believe women were not always allowed to register to run? This was brand new to me and shocked me to comprehend women being unaccepted in sports, I can't imagine a lifestyle without running, imagine a man telling you you are unable to compete!!!!

Achim Aretz runs backwards.

Several athletes have a vegetarian or vegan diet and prove it's possible to be healthy and strong.

Chris Brasher; the man who created the London Marathon.

Runners who battle their need for sleep to complete long distance runs.

Mauro Prosperi found himself lost in the Sahara Desert for 10 days. Torturous. At one point he resorted to killing bats and drinking their blood as a way of nutrition.

Of course there's some famous names you must be familiar with. Paula Radcliffe still holds the record for the fastest woman competing in the London Marathon after 13 years of holding it, she has even beat her own record. A pretty impressive sportswoman, inspiring female athletes and just women in general. Of course the legend Mo Farah is mentioned along with Radcliffe in the 'Modern Greats' chapter. Farah "the first athlete to win three long-distance doubles at successive world championships", not only is he a magnificent runner he has a heart of gold and motivates me to run just that little bit further!

In The Running is a book for runners. For the people who don't run (I hope this inspires you to try it out). For athletes. For anyone. Expand your non-fiction shelves! 

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