How to Successfully Waste Your Summer Holidays

July 28, 2016

Waiting for summer after a stressful, tortuous year of A2 education was just as painful as sitting my exams. I longed and longed for relaxation - time to enjoy reading books for my own pleasure, creative writing and watching films without the added guilt of needing to revise. 

It is a case of setting up high standards, and high expectations for myself, adding extra unhelpful anxiety to make the most of my time, we all do it? Right?

I expected my summer to be fun filled, constantly happy and surrounded by friends.

Don't get me wrong I am having a wonderful summer, it is relaxing and calm but the anxiety pounding in my head is telling me I am wasting my time, I'm not making the most of three months off.  

Three months is an excessive amount of time to entertain yourself. There's only so much Netflix you can binge before my thoughts wonder into the deep recesses of my mind. The little segment that I've been trying to push to the back of my mind that leaves me feeling exhausted, unsociable and unmotivated. it creeps back on me unexpectedly.

There's ways of solving my summer issues. Planning ahead means I have to do things, creating a weekly activity diary to keep me occupied, because in my mind once an activity or a errand is in my diary  I have to do it - it is set in stone.

Make time to meet my friends for coffee and book shop exploring, taking 30 minutes to take a walk through the local park breathing in trees, sunshine and flowers, baking the chocolate cake you saved to your Pinterest board months ago and finishing the TV shows you stupidly started halfway through exam season.

Now, it's results day in 23 days. I am trying not to think about it.

Trying being the most important word here.

Keeping myself busy and distracted is the only way I can stop thinking about grades. I know I'm going to pass but WHAT IF.

To make the most of the seven or eight weeks or so I have left of summer before moving to Bath and beginning university, I'm going to make a to-do list, or rather a short bucket list.

  1. Catch up on Game of Thrones - yes, don't roll your eyes at me or yell, I'm only halfway through season 5 :(
  2. Use my vegan baking Pinterest board!
  3. Run more - running is my love, it clears my mind and relaxes me. Feet pounding on the pavement. Concentration fully on my breathing. 
  4. Stop buying books (hahaha next joke) until my current To-Be Read pile is completed.
  5. Clear out my room in preparation for what I actually need to take to university with me... Going to have to leave some of my precious babies at home (books, sigh)
  6. Spend valuable time with my siblings because, DAMN I am going to miss these annoying slices of cake. 
  7. Let my mum read the beginnings of my novel... Scary stuff.
  8. Learn how to successfully make a bed. Useful university skills.
  9. New wardrobe. With weight change and perhaps a style change, I feel I need an upgrade to feel f9.
  10. Write. Write. Write. Nothing ELSE matters.
What are your plans for summer?? 

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