Spring Starbuck Cups

April 05, 2016

Travelling to Bristol on Monday morning, first day of my Easter break from college and I was awake by 6am after a measly 3 hours sleep. Loving life. Not. 

Although, excited for my two day trip to Bristol and Bath.

Two hour drive, a little nap. Feeling mildly human again.

First stop, Bristol city centre, Cabot Circus.

Starbucks was vital after minimal sleep. The day before I had seen an advertisement on Starbucks Instagram advertising their new collection of Spring themed takeaway cups, specially designed by the baristas themselves. A different design for each sized coffee.

Staying in Bristol before the travel to Bath the next day to visit the university, mainly because my cousin lives in Bristol and it was lovely to visit her. Her home is beautiful, she shares a house and lives in the first floor with her husband. The decor was hippy chic, it felt super cosy and inviting and I could smell pancakes on arrival. 

Eating out is sometimes an issue because I get hangry (Lol and can't handle not knowing how long my food will be) and I'm vegan. My family enjoy traditional pub dinners but there aren't many pubs offering vegan food yet. However, we tried out the restaurant Las Iguana's and BOY, I was not disappointed.

The vegan menu is incredible, literally perfect, so many choices. 

I opted for a starter of tortilla chips, guacamole and all the sides, a main of chilli and a dessert of mango sorbet. Delighted I could have a dessert!

Food was exceptional. Company was wonderful. 

Back to the hotel after a quick supermarket run for late night snacks. (Cashew nuts and apples for me and an abundance of sweets for my sister).

Unfortunately exam period is looming so some revision materials came with me on my travels and I sat in the hotel room at midnight studying language change.

English student problems.

Early morning and a buffet breakfast. Could have been worse. Again I was pleasantly surprised at the vegan options. Soz to be mentioning veganism continuously but if you're in the same boat then you know sometimes all the options are either chips or a side salad. The day began at 7am so I filled my tummy with toast, veggie sausages and beans. Very happy despite the early morning. 

Arriving in Bath with a full stomach and the sun shining. The reason for my being here is Bath Spa university is my firm choice. I have a conditional place to study Creative Writing in September.

The campus is beautiful, architecture both modern and traditional, and sheep. Stunning scenery, spacious and there's a Starbucks on campus. (This post is not sponsored by Starbucks, unless they want to give me lots of free cappuccinos I won't complain).

The creative writing course talk has confirmed to me that all I want to do in my life is writing. Writing is my happiness and I want to make other people happy with my writing, or at least feel something. The talk became a massive motivation to continue working hard, more specifically revising over the Easter holidays because, god DAMN IT  I want to go to Bath Spa university more than anything else. 

During the talk, my head was filling with story ideas and character descriptions. To say the visit has inspired me to continue writing and doing what I love is an understatement. The whole journey home I was planning blog posts and new stories. So inspired!

Now, I'm home and my hair is washed. I'm cosy in bed surrounded by fairy lights, fudge scented candles and a mug of peppermint tea. 


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