Things to do on Your Half Term Break

October 26, 2015

As I begin writing this, it's the first day of half term and I am avoiding all coursework and syllabus reading by dipping carrot sticks into houmous and watching one of my favourite films - Ratatouille.

Not everyone I know is still in education (Sigh, I still am and will be until I'm about 24) but I wanted to create a list of productive things you can do in your holiday breaks, or if you're not in education, perhaps on your weekend off work?

  1. It's Autumn, make the most of the absolutely stunning views. The colours of trees. The piles of leaves you walk through in your new winter boots. The crunchy sound of the leaves. The hot drinks. Ahh. I love it. Go for a long walk and just take in the crisp atmosphere, oh and take photos for that Instagram aesthetic!
  2. Bake - It's nearly Halloween, why don't you find some cute Halloween themed baking recipes? Here's a few: Pumpkin Halloween Cake Pops and Witch Hat Cookies
  3. Carve a pumpkin! I don't care how old you are, do it.
  4. Netflix!!! So typical, I know, but sometimes a break from school/college/uni/work means a Netflix binge is necessary. Maybe there's a TV show you've been meaning to binge watch? The Walking Dead? American Horror Story? Pretty Little Liars?
  5. Sleep. Over sleep. Don't sleep. Completely mess up your sleeping pattern because that's all students are good at, right... That and drinking caffeine at 1am to finish that goddamn essay. 
  6. Read a book. Avoid your syllabus reading for a while (Like I'm doing) and read a book you're actually going to thoroughly enjoy. I've just finished reading You by Caroline Kepnes - a thriller about obsession, it's definitely creepy. 
  7. Take a break. Education can be draining and exhausting. Take a well deserved break by sleeping in and watching all your favourite films and eating all the yummy snacks.
  8. Do as many Buzzfeed quizzes as you can, pretend they tell the truth, pretend that knowing who your Disney princess sidekick, is really matters. 
  9. Have a look at my favourite website. Imogimoon - Lots of articles about current events and issues. An informative site with some funnies, some lists and some raw stories. 

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