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October 20, 2015

Hancock P.I
Dan Taylor

"In all the pictures up until you're about three years old, not one of them has either of your parents in them."

Jake Hancock is a private investigator, somewhat not professional, perhaps an alcoholic and most definitely corrupt. Having sex with your clients? Not on.

He's now Josh - a medical student with a girlfriend called Megan. Except, he's not Josh, he's still Hancock, just under cover trying to investigate Megan's past. 

There's something fishy about Megan's parents and Jake is here to find out. With every meeting of the Books family Megan's parents Charles and Barbara give off an air of intrigue, leaving you wanting to know just who they really are. You'll want to turn the pages faster than you can read. Who are Charles and Barbara Books? 

'Josh' is living with his client Megan for the weekend at her home in Texas, herself and her father are both actors and now you know that Charles can act, it's definitely believable that there's something weird happening. Pretending to be Josh, a younger student, he has to dress quite preppy and pretend he's actually interested in medical education. With the help of his Scottish friend he reveals who Megan's parents are. Not only is it the most fantastic plot twist, it is also modern and relevant to society of 2015.

Hancock discovers Megan's parent's secret, whilst handling his disabled sister who apparently can't stop using explicit language, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and going to strip joints. After completing his investigation he returns home, to base with his manager to find that his manager is 'stalking' him through the airport on his arrival home. Why would his manager, the woman he works for, be following him?

All he knows is that he has to pack his bags and go to an underground bunker.

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