20 Things I Love About Myself Challenge

September 28, 2015

After reading MoanyMouse's challenge and her recommendation of me to do the challenge myself, here I am. I am often told by my friends that I'm too hard on myself and never give myself credit when due, so I figured this post might help me realise that maybe I am a better person than I think I am!

Here are the rules...

  1. Write 20 things you love about yourself… (obvi)  It can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual…um….nonsensical… Whatever!  It’s all about you so do what you want!
  2. Incorporate a selfie somewhere! (if you want)
  3. Tag other bloggers!  
  4. Revel in the self love!

  1. I love that I've changed. What a massive cliche you may be thinking but I believe I have changed since my secondary school years. I'm not the same person I was at the age of 14-16. Obviously. Duh... People change. 
  2. I love my ability to forgive. You could probably break my heart into a million teeny tiny pieces and I would still forgive you. (P.S this doesn't give you reason to break my heart!) I've found after recent events, I forgave a friend for something they couldn't help. Feelings are feelings. Now, if 15 year old me heard me saying that she would slap me round the face. I used to hold grudges and have so much hatred for people.
  3. I love how strong I am. Both physically and mentally. My fitness levels are higher than ever before and I find myself thinking that if I were as fit as I am now back in high school and participating in sports day I would ace every race. Go me. Go being fit and healthy. Mentally, I'm stronger. This post is becoming a "I'm comparing myself at 19 years old to my 15 year old self". I cope with problems that I face and most importantly I cope with my illness.
  4. I love being proud of myself. Feeling proud of tackling diabetes from the age of 17. I learned to grow up before I even became an adult, I had no choice. 
  5. I love that I can cope with being alone. I like eating alone, working alone, watching films alone and having just general time alone. I believe once you've managed to do things in life by yourself and not feeling lonely, you are capable of anything. BTW there's a difference between being alone and feeling lonely.
  6. I love the natural curls of my hair. I spent my entire secondary school life looking at girls with naturally straight hair and wishing I had that. I would straighten my hair every single day without fail, so much so that people rarely ever saw my natural hair. I'd like to apologise to my hair now for all the heat appliances and that I love you very much now. I may never straighten my hair again because I love my curls. I was born with curly hair. Learn to embrace the curls!
  7. I love how confident I am. I can strut through the high street in a fancy skirt and crop top and feel like a supermodel. I can go out with my hair in a messy bun and no make up and I can also go out with red lippy and thick black eyeliner and feel fabulous either way.
  8. I love my ability to work hard. I have goals and ambitions. I'm going to reach them even if it exhausts me. I am determined.
  9. I love how messy I am, somtimes... Not always but I feel like it's part of my personality. My room will never be tidy, it's just me and that's okay if my floor has been renamed a floordrobe.
  10. I love that I can take criticism. If something's not right, if I've done something wrong I'd rather be told and allow room for me to improvement than to get all narky at the person trying to help me. However, constructive criticism is what I mean not the criticism that is just damn right insulting. Tell me/advise me how to improve just don't knock me down.
  11. I love that I can cook and bake and I'm allowed to say I'm good at it because I make banging dinners for myself (Ugh I said banging, bye world!) and making cakes is therapeutic, good for the mind and calories don't matter.
  12. I love that I read. Sometimes I wonder what I'd enjoy if I hadn't found a love for books and literature. I can't imagine a world without books, without losing myself in fiction and falling in love with characters.
  13. I love that I decided to make this blog. Relating to my previous 'love' about confidence, this blog has helped me along the way. I love projecting my voice online. I love writing about how I feel about real life issues. I love the friends I've made (MoanyMouse, I don't even know your name, why isn't it on your blog??? I feel like a bad friend but I like you lots.) 
  14. I love that I'm academic. I love learning, give me all the knowledge about everything pls.
  15. I love the colour of my eyes and the strange probably unusual black dots (Not my pupils) I can't explain unless you've looked closely at my eyes. 
  16. I love my body. This is something I struggle with on a regular basis but I'm accepting myself now. I am me and I'll probably never looked like Kylie Jenner or Taylor Swift because I love cake and bread too much.
  17. I love that I don't judge people too often. Do what you want. Eat what you want. Dress how you want. Be who you want. I don't care, I won't judge you. 
  18. I love that I don't follow the crowds anymore. I used to feel the need to constantly fit in with everyone around me and be in competition with every single girl I knew. I cut my hair short even though I knew you didn't like it because I'm my own person and your opinion shouldn't affect my choices.
  19. I love that I don't care. I don't care what you think of me. I don't care if you stare. I don't care if you don't like me.
  20. Most of all, I love me. I love who I am today and I hope I love who I am in 5 years time.

This is a strange post for me, please don't think I'm being big headed. (Refer back to the confidence point) I'm not going to tag any other bloggers (Breaking the rules) but if you read and want to do the challenge yourself, feel free. 

Going to end this post with a selfie because the rules say so and we all know I love a good selfie... 

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