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August 03, 2015

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I'm a runner and I've been working on a goal of 10km since the beginning of the year. It's been a long process, I'm not quite there yet but that's not the only reason I run. I run because it clears my mind, when I run all I think about is what my legs are doing and the oxygen getting to my body. After my run this evening I figured I could put together a list of tips. I'm not a fitness expert or professional runner but I enjoy running and I've learnt a lot during my progress.

  1. Comfortable shoes - This seems like a given, but comfortable shoes are SO important, preventing injury and providing you with general comfort as you run. Trainers don't have to be top brand, as long as they do the job, who cares? My trainers were £11 from Primark, from their fitness section and they may be cheap but they are perfect.
  2. Wear clothing you feel comfortable in - This is also very important, if you're heavily interested in exercise and fitness like I am then you probably follow fitness guru's on your social media accounts and this can be dis-heartening. To see these fitness guru's running in sports bras and very short tight shorts might make you feel pressured to run in minimal clothing, however please don't feel as if you have to wear the same things. If you don't yet feel confident enough in yourself to wear a tight sports bra and no t-shirt then don't do it. Not only wear clothing you're comfortable in but wear suitable clothing too. 
  3. Don't compare yourself to others - Relating to my previous tip, you may follow other fitness guru's or runners and compare your progress to their progress. Comparing yourself to others hinders your own progress, it will lower your self esteem and bring you down. 
  4. Every run is a good run - No matter how far you run, how fast you run, if you don't notice any progress from your last run, don't worry about it. If you ran a shorter distance than last week, it is okay because either way, you got yourself out the house/work/life etc and exercised. 
  5. Change your route - Running the same route for every run becomes repetitive and eventually you'll get bored of running. Depending on how often you run, change your route every 1-2 weeks. 
  6. Eat. This seems stupid to say but you need energy. I'm not an expert on what foods you should eat before and after you run (Google it!) but make sure you've eaten. Also important, running on a full stomach is never a good idea, talking from experience it's just painful and uncomfortable. If you have an energy boosting snack before your run, wait 15-30 minutes before you leave your house just to prevent an unpleasant feeling fun. 
  7. Drink water - Lots of it too, before you run and most definitely after you run. Working up a sweat means you need to re-hydrate yourself when you stop, or again talking from my experience not drinking plenty before/after my run can cause me awful headaches. 
  8. If you feel tired, stop. You're allowed, there's no strict running protocol. If your legs are hurting, have a break. If you need to catch your breath, stop and breathe.
As I've said, I'm no expert I simply enjoy running and how it makes me feel and to be honest, I'm still a beginner. Beginner or not, I've learned about my body since I began running and these tips have come from my mistakes. I hope these tips help you, whether you run often or if you're considering it. 

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