Self Acceptance

June 07, 2015

I waver between "Am I vain, egotistical and arrogant?" or "Am I finally accepting that this is my body and I have to wear it for the rest of my life?". If you had the opportunity to flick through my camera roll, you would probably come to the conclusion that I am arrogantly confident in the way I look. I'm not even ashamed to say that a borderline 80% of my photos are in fact selfies or self appreciating body pictures. The amount of selfies I take/store on my phone is simply down to the fact if I like a certain aspect of my appearance that day, I'll be sure to take 37 photos for proof. "My eyeliner looks fantastic today" That means I'll take a photo just to look back on and think "I appreciated myself that day, that's cool".

However, for some of the population of the 21st century the act of self love isn't appreciated. It's frowned up and could be seen as a person being conceited, although that's a minority of people because I follow women on social media platforms that promote body positivity and confidence and are continuously uplifting towards their friends and followers. I think after following these strong, opinionated women on social media it has given me the chance to appreciate myself and given me the mindset that nobody is perfect, we all have flaws and we simply have to accept that everybody is different. That being said, it's easier said than done.

Having flaws is a part of human nature and every human being you meet has something they don't like about themselves. I've spent years hating parts of my appearance, mostly things I can't change permanently (my height, my natural curls and the asymmetry of my body) but within the last few months I've accepted that I am me, and I'll never be what society may expect of me. I can spend hours idolizing a model's body in a fashion magazine, but where is that going to get me? It's going to bring me down and pick out more of my flaws and not to forget that the images you see in magazines are often expertly photo-shopped, their stretch marks smoothed, cellulite rid of, waist tightened and their breasts made perkier. Stretch marks are completely natural and a part of our bodies growing, I now view them as cute unique waves on my skin. You don't sit on a beach watching the waves crashing back and forth and pick out the unattractive ones. Our bodies aren't symmetrical and no amount of cosmetic surgery would make your body perfectly symmetric, I must reiterate that I'm not against cosmetic surgery and I fully support anyone's decision to alter their bodies in ways that make them happy and boost their confidence. Just remember no one is naturally symmetrical and perhaps one of your breasts is bigger than the other or one of your eyes is a little higher than the other but that's okay, always tell yourself that's okay.

I can assume that I'm not the only girl who dreams of a literally perfect Victoria Secret Angel's body but you have to remember, that's their job. In the society that we live in nowadays, bodies are shunned for every little thing and it's so heartbreaking to see so many females strive to become this beautiful (A massive cliche, but you are very beautiful just the way you are) image of a woman just to fit into society's standards.

I love my wobbly thighs, the messy tangle of curls on my head, my freckles, the birthmark on my back and my asymmetrical breasts and I also love your straight hair, your nose, your curves and your smile.

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