2015 New Year's Resolutions

December 29, 2014

Every time I sit down and begin to write a blog entry, I realise I go to begin with exactly the same line. "I'm so sorry I haven't posted in months but I've been busy" and all those crap excuses. I don't have many excuses this time, simply the fact I had lost all motivation for it.

It's also actually been a busy month December. The lead up to Christmas, and then my birthday being 3 days after Christmas. I'm 19 now? This doesn't feel like real life but yes I am 19 and growing up SUCKS. It needs to come with a disclaimer. "Life sucks a little bit more the older you get" 

I had an amazing Christmas, I spend it at home with my family and normally my mum (a home carer) works on Christmas day but this year she got the chance to have the day off. That made it even more amazing. I woke up before my entire family... I may be getting older but the excitement for Christmas will never leave my bones. I went into my brother's room at 8am on Christmas day, woke him up and he simply said to me "I don't want to get out of bed today". I gasped. He is 10. It was Christmas Day. THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR.

I received the greatest presents and I'm very grateful. Books (many, many books) socks (also many of them), perfume, chocolates - That I haven't yet started. Am I okay? - and most importantly my sister brought me a sheep shaped doorstop. You guys don't know me well enough but my favourite animals are sheep. There always seems to be a sheep themed present during the festive period. It's a ritual.  Also a theme this year, was Frozen. I received too many Frozen themed gifts. A t-shirt??? Yes a friggin' Frozen t-shirt. Frozen chocolate lollipops, colouring pencils and a cake making kit. I am essentially a big kid and I have no regrets.

Then my birthday... I got a Frozen cake.

I went to London's Shepard's Bush Westfields in the morning and did a little bit of sales shopping. Highly disappointed this year. Maybe I should have done what 60% of the UK did and left my house at 6am on Boxing Day to grab the sales. To shop in the Topshop sales, you either have to be size 16 or 6 and like ugly clothing.  I did grab myself a bargain in Victoria's Secret though. I saved myself a lot of money and as I was choosing what to buy, I told myself I WOULD look as good as the VS models do.

Okay so it's now the day after my birthday. It's 12pm and I am listening to Taylor Swift's 1989 for the first time. It's very power encouraging. I feel as if I could write a novel listening to her voice. She is motivating me to write this blog post and it's a start I guess. This is where I lead into my New Year's resolutions.

I never stick to my resolutions because they are things I'll never accomplish or I set myself too many and lose my list of them by the 2nd of January. This year I'm going to set myself some actually manageable ones!

Here goes...

1. Write on my Blog More. 
This means setting a schedule, fitting it around college and work and actually sticking to it. I love writing and I don't write enough because I lose motivation so easily. Ahh that's another one.

2. Stay Motivated 
I lose motivation easily, I mean it's nice to just lie in bed all day, isn't it? Not this year, my mentality is going to change. No laying in bed, no feeling sorry for myself and definitely more revising. To stay motivated is to think about my goals. Where do I want to be in 5 years? Do I want to be working in retail because I failed college because I was lazy? No I do not want that, I want to be in university studying the subject I love. English and my extreme love of books.

3. Cut Out Diet Drinks/ More Water.
I drink a lot of diet drinks and I tell myself it's because of my diabetes and there isn't much else I can drink, other than squash and water. But I do consume so much... It's not healthy. So it starts. Cut down on fizzy drinks, I mean not completely cutting them out because if I were to go to the pub (oops naughty me) I'd have a diet coke but that's okay. One every so often isn't that bad for you.

More water has to be a thing this year. Water is so good for you and keeps you hydrated and the most important factor being it's free. Unless you go into Starbucks and pay £4 for a small, probably luke warm bottle of water.

I think 3 resolutions is enough... Compared to my normal list of about 20 that are often unrealistic. 'Join a gym' Hahahaha.

That's all from me today. Let's see if I can stick to my resolutions!!!!!

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