Haul - Boots, H&M and Topshop

August 21, 2014

Hi again, so last Thursday I went into the next town to shop with my mum for the day and here's what I purchased. Some of the items I couldn't find a suitable way to photograph so I'm just going to describe them as best as I can and I apologise for that. Hopefully soon I'll find a way to photograph them well but until then, you have to put up with my descriptive skills. 

I popped into Boots, well I say popped but I actually spent over 45 minutes deciding what to buy. Putting items into my basket and then finding something better and putting the original item back. Lesson for you: Never go shopping with me :)

Benefit V.I.P Spree - £9.95
BarryM Smokin' Hot Eyeshadow and Blush Palette - £6.49
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in the colour - Delicate Pearl 812 
Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish Nail Polish 239 Your Majesty - £3.69

The little Benefit box I found in the queue of boots, so I don't own any proper Benefit products yet but I've been dying to purchase some. However, I'm very scared of committing a larger prize to a cosmetic item incase I absolutely hate it so finding this miniature box of Benefit goodies was a godsend. It includes a mascara called the Badgal Lash, a lip-gloss called Ultra Plush in the colour Sugarbomb and a complexion enhancer called High Beam. The box comes with a business card kinda style card which enables you to get a free Benefit make-over at one of their counters in Boots which I thought was incredible. I probably won't use it though because I get anxious over those kind of things. Boots/Benefit also over the chance to receive 500 Advantage Card Points when you spend over £25 in one transaction in a Boots store. I've only used one product so far, which is the mascara and I love it. It doesn't clump your lashes together like some mascaras and it stays on!!! 

The BarryM Smokin' Hot Shadow and Blush Palette is beautiful. I saw it and had to have it. I currently am using the MUA Heaven and Earth palette for my eyes and that's been successful. But now I'm slowing bringing myself into the make-up game, I thought I'd spend a little bit more money on something. I opened this and literally gasped. There's something so stunning about eye shadow palettes that haven't been used yet isn't there?  

The palette comes with 6 different shades and a blush. There's 3 glittery shades, 3 standard matte shadows and a breathtaking coral blush. I haven't used this properly yet because 1) I was waiting to take photos of it 2) I haven't had a proper outing yet except work/appointments and just general errands so I'm yet to use this beauty. Although I did use the black matte shade for my lower lid because I saw that was a thing that some bloggers/youtubers have been doing lately so I tried that one out. 

This gorgeous lipstick that was purchased after my mum was rooting through the different shades showing me the ones she liked. I'm not a massive fan of bright lipsticks/lip products on me because I get very paranoid about lipstick on teeth or lipstick around my mouth so I try to stick to lighter shades and this one is so perfect. I adore it.

Topshop Purse -£16

As per usual, I found myself in Topshop but I had to stop myself from splurging too much money. I knew I needed/wanted a new purse because mine was getting disgusting, the decorations were falling off and it was ugly to be honest considering it was 2 years old. (Ew.) But yes, I saw this purse and instantly loved it, the bright colour lead me to it. I'll admit that it's maybe a bit too bright for A/W but it's ok right, to have a little pop of colour. For the price it was as well, I thought it was good. It's so exciting changing over your purses. I was sat in a cafe with my mum changing it over and I swear the staff members must have thought I was mental, getting excited over new card slots and sorting through all my receipts.

The next couple of items as I previously said haven't been photographed because quite frankly, I'm useless. So, I went into H&M and brought a couple of 'basic' items including a dark grey midi pencil skirt for just £7.99, such a basic that I needed it, a simple light grey t-shirt (good for winter layering), a (strange buy) pair of light grey jogging/casual wear bottoms that I literally can't get myself out of and a pair of black, tight, horse-riding style trousers. I think maybe you can see a pattern of grey clothing and you are correct. I've developed an obsession with grey clothing since I realised it was a massive staple in A/W this year. Continuing with the grey theme, if you go back to my first photo in this post, there is actually a silver nail polish which I am loving so much right now. My nails currently make me feel like I belong in the 90's for some reason.

That's all from me, enjoy reading :) 

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