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February 15, 2014

Currently as AS level, my coursework involves writing a short story in the style of an author you like. So I chose Suzanne Collins 'The Hunger Games' (I know, how original of me) and I wasn't very confident on it as usual, always doubting my work but my English teacher who I love very much enjoyed it and complimented it, making me a very happy person. At the moment, I'm kinda busy to write a full post so I'm going to post the piece I wrote...

The Slaughtering


The world is different. Unusual in fact. Not like how it was in the newspapers nearly 60 years ago. There’s no war. No violence. No discrimination. Every one of us is the same. If we discriminate, we are killed. Everything is very straight forward. Running by a strict schedule. All of us humans currently living on this somewhat kind planet do the same things. We work, eat and sleep. There’s only 3 jobs in this township. Dress makers, chefs and writers. All quite boring really. Life is boring nowadays. I like it when my grandmother secretly tells stories of when she was young. When the world was a much happier place to be and it was highly populated. Today, in this day and age, there are 63 people living on Earth. 

The money what used to be pounds, is now called Tula’s. They are small tokens shaped like diamonds. Quite surreal, like living in a real life video game. Money can only buy you clothes and food. Everything else a human may need, you have to make from your own resources. We have to find our own light and heat. Most nights unless you’re smart enough to create a light source, you’ll find the entire population asleep by night fall. Clocks don’t exist anymore, every clock in the world was destroyed just like how the 7 billion people who were alive 60 years ago were killed. 

Chapter 1
I felt my mother’s soft hands delicately rest on my shoulders as she whispered in my ear “It’s time”.  Her voice broke as if she was going to cry. I turned around and held her hands tight. Her lip trembled and several tears fell gracefully from her deep brown eyes. They were tears of true fear, no sadness. By night fall tonight, one of us could be dead. For no fault of our own. It was simply what the Government called the slaughtering. It’s murder really.  We’re not allowed to be violent towards our fellow citizens but it’s perfectly okay for the government to clear the population. We held hands for a little while with no conversation, it was comforting. Her face was so beautiful. She couldn’t see this but she has the most prominent cheekbones and her mahogany coloured hair flows gently over her shoulders. Her dress was a halter neck – an ocean blue coloured dress with white polka dots. Elegant was all I thought.

There was a stern knock on the door.

My mother looked at me. Her face full of fear and worry. Our hands clenched even tighter than before as she opens the door. Standing in front of us are two men. I notice the strong, manipulating guns in their hands. They were wearing black suits with a white shirt and black ties. Very formal.
“You need to leave for the stadium. Right now.” One of the men spoke in a deep voice with an almost emotionless expression.
That was when I braved myself for the worst, my mother and I stepped one foot outside our door. The cold, winter air hit us in the face. It’s so icy cold that it took my breath away. We began the short walk towards the stadium. The stadium that was going to wreck our lives once again. Someone we knew is going to be murdered and there is nothing I can do.  The ground beneath my feet feels different. It feels harsher like the stones were digging through my feet. The sky grey and gloomy with little air. My lungs tightened and I struggled to breathe but I put on a brave face. We joined our neighbours in the walk, no words were exchanged, and simply a nod was given. Everybody around me is terrified, you can tell by the expression on their faces– their eyes wide and eyebrows scrunched.

I look around me and notice a couple of small children who have no idea of what was happening. I feel for them, I feel for their parents. I can’t imagine how devastating it would be to lose your child. To watch your child be murdered. I understand what is happening this time around; the last time that the slaughtering happened I was 11. That was 5 years ago. I’m now 16. All I remember is the families of the slaughtered shrieking and screaming. I watched as they fell to the ground, as their knees hit the dirt hard and the government showed no remorse.

There’s no such thing as minutes anymore; not that I really know what they are. I wasn’t alive when the world was a better place. After a couple of minutes (I guess they were minutes) we enter the stadium. The Stadium of Doom. I still have strong grip of my mother’s hand but touching isn’t allowed in this township. Her hands icy cold and shaking, it’s horrible. The stadium is massive despite only 63 people living on Earth. It’s an oval kind of shape, with sparking lights hanging from the roof. Yes, the government get electricity. We don’t. We’re brought up like animals, fending for ourselves whilst the government lead luxury lives. Surrounding the stadium are about 14 guards, all armed with Colt LE901’s. There machine guns, I learnt about them in a book I found when I was foraging for food in the woodlands. There is a large wooden gate on the entrance to the stadium in which everyone has to be in an orderly single file line. My mother drops my hand and I feel all the pressure disappear. She stands behind me as we hear the orders to form a single line. My feet feel as if they are going to lock up and I won’t be able to walk. My mother nudged me slightly as the Governor (Whose name is Brambles Max) of the township yells “MOVE, DON’T STOP WALKING” in a remarkably powerful voice. Every person trying to quietly whisper to their partners shut up immediately. It’s the only choice they have, to shut up. Brambles would have killed them.

My heart palpitating as I cross the blood red line of the stadium floor. That is it. No going back. I could die today. All I could think about was death. I couldn’t bear my mother being murdered in front of me. I couldn’t bear watching ANYONE being murdered let alone my own mother, the one who cared for me. I began the torturous walk into the stadium arena. My legs feeling like jelly. My mind racing with crazy thoughts like a hundred cars crashing into each other. The stadium brightly lit up with a couple of dozen gold lights. It looks utterly beautiful. Walking the brutally painful pebbled pathway (I forgot to mention, the government take your shoes. I’m not sure why, it’s just protocol) into the stadium alone. I definitely don’t like this. I want my mother to be here, to support me.

Inside the stadium is a wooden frame which I believe is where the awful ‘slaughtering’ happens. Dangling from the frame are three pieces of strong rope that are looped. I guess this is the method of killing. I don’t remember much from the last event. I was too young to understand. Only remembering the fatal screams from the crowd. The Government kill three people every 5 years. It’s their way of refreshing the population. The line ahead of me came to a halt. The guards patting everyone down, quite violently to search for weapons. Unfortunately I’m next in the line to be traumatized by the guards. A guard stood in front of me. Staring gormlessly into my eyes. I raise my arms as he ran his hands across the outsides of my clothes. Checking my pockets. As if I (A fragile 16 year old) would have gone to the effort of making a weapon. The guards showed us to our seats (Which are made of plastic and very uncomfortable). On our seats sit pair of ear phones that we have to wear whilst the government prepare. Unfortunately we weren’t listening to songs; we were listening to the Governments torturing words. They staged this event like it was a pantomime. The voices going through our ears were telling us the schedule. A while later, the voice in my ears announces that I can take my ear phones out of my ears.

The ceremony begins and the entire stadium is dead quite. I mean only 63 of us but it’s still very quiet. Quiet enough to hear a mouse creep under our seats. The Government begin with a long speech about how society is better now than it was how apparently everything is good and no one gets hurt anymore. Ironic really, considering they are about kill three people for no legit reason. I’m not really listening to their talks, it’s pointless. But before I know it, the large square that is sat in the centre of the stadium is spinning. Our names are being jumbled around, ready to be picked out by Brambles Max. The square stops spinning and my heart beat gradually gets faster. I watch carefully as Brambles picks out one name. My heart feels like it’s going to fall out of my chest. Her hand rummages over the small piece of paper in her hand. She unfolds the piece and her smile widens. Wide enough to scale the perimeter of the township.

“We have our first victim” Brambles laughs.

“Annabelle Travan!” She announces.

The Government cheer loudly as Annabelle looks round in fear. She’s going to die. It’s a shame I’ve never spoken to her before. My hearts still beating extremely fast, I could be next.

I block the next period out and close my eyes. All I can hear is screams from this poor girl’s family.

I try to forget and concentrate on the good things in life. (There is none though).

My eyes tightly closed, I hear the faint spinning of the square. Our names being jumbled up again.

This time in a louder, much more enthusiastic voice. Brambles yells.

“WE HAVE OUR NEXT VICTIM” Laughing so loudly like she’s mocking us.

My body begins to shake furiously. I panic. It could be me.

“PETAL PIPER”. She roars again.

That is me.

I’m going to die.

Everything I had done leading up to this date flashed through my mind. I was speechless. I look around desperately trying to find my mother.

I hear screams of my mother.

She’s crying.

I think I’m crying. I leave my seat and slowly make my way to the stadium stage. Everyone around me is watching me. Their eyes full of sorrow.

I reach the wooden frame that screams death at me. Brambles pulls my arms and ties them behind my back. Tears flowing fast from my eyes as she places me on a podium. She puts a tough, harsh rope around my neck. My mother wailing in the distance.  The rope tightened around my neck

This is it; I’m going to be gone forever. I love my mum were my last thoughts.

Ha hello, if you're still hear reading and if you are, then thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed it, oooh I also got a B grade for this.

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