Summer and Body Anxiety

April 26, 2018

With the last couple of days of heat in Britain (Lol it lasted 3 days...) I've remembered how much I don't particulary enjoy summer. Yeah it's great fun, the days are longer and I can actually do things instead of falling asleep at 4pm in winter. Everyone seems happier when the suns out. There's iced coffee, ice cream and BBQ's. But being sweaty? Nope. Finding clothes that are suitable to wear on a hot day? Nope. I'm a girl who loves the jeans and jumper combo...

I recently went shopping to get some new spring/summer pieces but I returned home deflated. This girl just wants some cute prints, crop tops and play-suits. I'm reasonably happy with my body, but like everyone I experience good and bad days. Some days I feel bigger than I am and nothing looks right. Then sometimes I feel small and well-dressed.  Fanks anxiety you're my best pal x

Summer heightens my emotions about my body weight and my anxiety surrounding it. I struggle to feel comfortable with my appearance on a daily basis, but summer makes it worse. It makes me feel bigger than I am because I have to wear less clothes or risk sweating my life away in a jumper or something. Which is precisely why I prefer winter, clothing is super cosy and comfortable.

I feel this blaring pressure to be thinner during summer, you know all them ads about having a summer bod? I feel like I'm told I need to be smaller to enjoy summer properly which is utter bullshit. I hate the summer body ads. I'm sick of women being fit into one box. Into skinny and perfect and happy. So what if I'm a little bit chunky yet still happy? I hate advertising all together tbh, but the ones targeted at women are a daily annoyance. 

I've realised it's my issue, my anxiety. I can't blame the clothing stores, so I need to work on how I see myself. I know I look and feel a bit cute wearing play-suits during the season so that's what I'm on the hunt for in terms of summer shopping. Help a gal out??? Where can I get pretty petite play-suits? 

It's about finding what suits you and not adhering to some styles of clothing. Knowing what suits you is so important, especially for your self-esteem. The right clothes will make you feel comfortable and confident. Don't wear clothes because it's in fashion, unless you really like it obviously and you know it suits you. Wear clothes that fit right. Make sure you buy the right size, the last thing you want in summer is your clothing to be super tight (Unless you do then fair enough ignore me). Wear clothes that make you feel good. Wear what you want and don't feel pressured to dress and look a certain way. 

(When you and your flat mate wear similar outfits...)

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