Slices of Happiness

February 23, 2018

Once again I have found studying to be getting in the way of the things I enjoy the most, blogging being one of them. Most of my time lately is devoted to my studies, to reading, researching and writing.

Here's a little post about things in the last week that have made me happy, that have made my week a hell of a lot better.

  1. I friggin' got Haim tickets. I've loved Haim for years and finally here is my chance. My bank account is damaged and crying but seeing these ethereal princesses sing my favourite songs will be entirely worth it. The Haim sisters are precious and every day I'm unsure if I want to be them or be one of their best friends. Also #HairGoals
  2. Receiving praise for a fantasy story I wrote about witches in my children's writing module. I really loved writing it. I'm glad it was received so well in my seminar, and I want to continue developing it as a longer piece. I also think I might be slightly obsessed with witches and magic, and maybe I want to be a witch. 
  3. My sister staying with me over the weekend in Bath. We went out for sushi (If you find yourself in the city you must visit Bath Sushi on Lower Bristol Road.) We had cheese toasties for breakfast, did some shopping and consumed a lot of Netflix. And then my parents arrived at the end of the week which was nice to see them.
  4. These sunny winter days we seem to be seeing more of, promising the imminent arrival of spring. I'm desperate for spring to arrival, I am longing for the warmer days. 
  5. My long run. As you probably know, I run, I love it and I definitely love talking about the sport to anyone who'll listen. 
  6. Oreo ice cream. Need I say anymore?
  7. I got Josh Martin's book Ariadnis for £1 in Waterstones because some of the pages were damaged. Can you believe it? £1 for a brand new book that is completely readable. I recently added this to my reading list and I couldn't believe my luck when I found this bargain. Another bonus point because the author studied at my university!
  8. A new dress from Boohoo for only £7. As a student I'm all about finding offers and deals and spending as little money as possible (Contradicting myself from spending many pounds on a Haim ticket...). The dress is only plain and black, a little booby. But I can't wait to wear it casually with trainers on warmer days and on nights out with fishnet tights and chunky boots. 
  9. The TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I've been watching it whilst I eat and as a way to wind down after studying. I love it, it's hilarious, and recommend everyone watching it. 
  10. Feeling my anxiety ease. Over the last fortnight I've been fretting about university, about the workload and whether I can cope. Turns out I can cope, I am capable. It was only a small blip of feeling unmotivated and worried. I've got a fresh perspective of my assignments and tasks so it's all easy-peasy (Relatively anyway.)
Any exciting things happen for you this week?

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