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September 19, 2017

Handwriting is a curious thing. We're born humans with two arms, two legs, and such. We're made of the same ingredients - an egg cell, a sperm cell. Yet, we're all so vastly different. No one is quite alike. Twins can be identical in appearance but end up acquiring different tastes and likes. The ways we're nurtured, and our experiences and methods of learning affect our personalities and actions. 

Handwriting is curious to me because everyone's is different. So many styles of writing exist. You're not conscious of picking a writing style, it just flows. As a child when you're learning how to write letters and form words and sentences, how you write is how you write. We all learn how to write in the same ways yet the way you write is distinctive from anyone else. Children begin to learn to write in cursive, then when their writing develops it bounds off into another personal style. Some children stick with cursive. 

Handwriting has character, its own personality. 

It widely differs in size. I would say my own handwriting is on the larger side. My sister on the other hand, as I watch her write out revision notes, her writing is tiny. Her one page of writing would be 3-4 pages for me. 

It differs in style. People have various ways of writing letters. I write my 'A''s different to most other people, they often get mistaken for the number two. My sister does her 'Z's in such a peculiar way I can't understand the movement of a pen to make it.

Do you dot your 'i's? Do you cross your 'T's?  

Remember in school, when you were like 12 and every girl used to dot their 'i's with a heart?

The pressure placed on the pen creates a different style. Thicker, deeper, angrier letters. Whilst little pressure on the pen could denote a sensitive type. 

Whether you write pointed or rounded letters. Whether your writing is slanted. 

Can you tell I've studied the English Language deeply? I did it at A-Level. My interest in the English Language has stemmed from years of reading book after book and writing stories. 

It is fascinating to see how other people write, how their personality shines through. 

I like to look at handwritten letters. Wishing for writing letters to be a popular correspondence again. With the arrival of technology and social media, connecting with people has changed, we communicate via keyboard, instead of the traditional pen and paper. 

Being a writer, I like knowing how other writer's write. Their methods and tips etc. 

J.K Rowling's handwritten writing plans.

Sylvia Plath's draft of famous poem Ariel. 

Lewis Carroll's handwritten manuscript. 

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