Small Town Love

February 15, 2017

Last weekend I visited my flatmate Ruby's hometown Stroud. We went to a cafe called Meme (Yes, Meme, 21st century humour) and had brunch, a lil cute Galentines brunch. Ruby's sister made us all these gift bags personalised to us. Mine had vegan chocolate buttons, stationery, a face mask, herbal tea sachets and edible gold glitter for baking. Also, a small arty puzzle. 

Brunch was smashed avocado on sourdough toast with an iced coffee. Unsure why I had iced coffee when it was early morning and cold. It was SO great though. Love me some avocado on toast. 

A tour of Stroud was on the cards. It was snowing. And everything was just so beautiful to look at. Whenever I'm in a new place I lose sense of myself, I feel distant from my body and I enter a dream-like state. All new towns and cities make me feel this way. They remind me how minuscule I am in the world. No one knows me, my surroundings are fresh and it leaves me feeling new and clean. I loved the smallness of the town, how everyone knew each other, its friendliness, its homely feel.  It was snowing, only lightly, my hands were red and burning from the cold.   

We went to their farmer's market and I loved its authenticity. Fresh locally produced food - eggs, cheese, fruit and vegetables and meat. Everything you would expect a farmers market to be. 

We spent our evenings watching nature documentaries, eating pizza and a visit to a little pub! 

Before leaving to catch the train home we visited a cafe called Black Book, in which you can settle down with a hot drink and choose a book from the shelves. 

(Apparently I made excellent use of the camera I got for Christmas) 

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