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January 01, 2017

As a child who grew up reading and watching Harry Potter the excitement radiated off my skin when Rowling revealed her plans. The story of Fantastic Beasts is set in 1920's New York and I absolutely adore the style of the era. The dresses are gorgeous. And jazz music can be soothing.

I attended the midnight screening of the movie back in November and later asked my mum if she would buy me the screenplay for Christmas. She did!!! I finished it two days after Christmas. Because the book is set out in script form it is easy to get through. I feel reading the screenplay after seeing the movie made me read it in a different perspective. I could hear all the character's voices. Especially Newt and his awkward interactions and British humour. I could see the set and transported myself back to the cinema screen. Basically I was re-watching the film in my head. 

Everything about the book is gorgeous. The cover with its gold foiled text. The feel of the cover. Inside doesn't disappoint either. The illustrations by studio MinaLima are deliciously divine, every turn of the page had me pausing just to peer at the design. A lot of thought has gone into the production of this book and it has paid off. Of course, J.K Rowling never disappoints.

One thing about this book is readers don't have to be familiar with the wizarding world. Fantastic Beasts enters you into a new part of the secret world; pre Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Pre Voldemort. Meet Newt Scamander and fall deeply, deeply in love with his quirky mannerisms and his love for magical creatures. 

Magical creatures you could never conjure up yourself. Mischievous but adorable Niffler's. Little green Bowtruckles, especially the adorable one with a strong attachment to Newt. An Occamy that can shrink and expand to fit any available space. The magic does not falter, it is amazing and mesmerising. J.K Rowling continues with the wizarding world, new characters to fall in love with, new locations, new magical battles and villains.

A FANTASTIC read for any Harry Potter fan, new or old. Make sure you watch the film too! 

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