Autumn voices

November 04, 2016

Isn't there something about autumn that makes you feel at peace with the world? Like when you're stepping through piles of leaves nothing else matters except the crunches under foot and the colours.
Oh the colours. The colours of autumn make me so so excited. The trees are beautiful yet they are dying. Why do we find death in this form so beautiful? The pavements are gold, fire orange and red. And when it rains the leaves stick like paper mache.
The greenery has left for the year, it will be back in spring though I promise. It's refreshing like a snake shedding its skin, I can dust off bad thoughts.

Autumn is my new year. Autumn motivates me. I want to write about everything. On the bus I like to peer out and watch the colours change. I like to watch the transition from thin t-shirts to chunky knitted jumpers and hats and scarves. It's cosy. 
Autumn brings the warmth of hot drinks, especially all those new flavours that come with new seasons. Pumpkin spice and everything nice. 
I am a girl wishing she lived in a small thatched cottage in the open countryside surrounded by falling leaves and hills. Oh a girl can dream about her future home with an open fire and mugs of hot chocolate. 
The air is crisp, sharp and breathtaking. Maybe it's the beauty of nature that takes my breath away. Noon is warm but chilly and I have to tug my sleeves over my hands. I forgot my gloves. My ears are a little cold, I think I need a hat. 
Fog eats the city, even at midday the buildings are half dissolved in smoky fog and cars drive slow. But there's those autumn days where it's blindingly warm and you think maybe the season hasn't changed at all. The clocks have turned back, Halloween has passed and the nights are darker than before. 

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