Friends, coffee and Wagamamas

August 12, 2016

Cathartic is the word to describe the day I have had. I woke after a restless 3 hour sleep, feeling groggy and unmotivated for my plans - dragged myself out of bed nonetheless, ate a healthy breakfast and had a mug of coffee. 

Avoiding phone calls is my speciality but I am glad I answered the phone today. It was my therapist. 

After 8 months of seeing two therapists, engaging in both one to one and group sessions and finding myself coming home with piles of handy documents about managing panic, anxiety and depression, my last session is booked for next week. 

In my therapists words "You have changed your life".

I am happy, so happy to be doing well, to have someone else validate my progress and motivate me to keep getting out of bed in the morning, to keep running, to keep breathing and to keep making plans to see friends. I am overwhelmed by emotions, you know when you just cry tears of genuine happiness? That is me right now, especially when the first person I told was my best friend (More below) and her telling me how proud she is boosted my happiness a little more.

To continue the day on a high I met with Emma. I met her during my A-Levels at college and we go together like strawberries and cream. She's my little pink cupcake.

After not seeing her in two months it was wonderful to catch up over a meal at Wagamamas. FYI this was my first visit and on entrance the smell of noodles was incredible. We ordered a starter to share of steamed vegetable gyozas and juices to drink - mine was called Positive (Definitely a representation of my emotions and attitude to life) made of pineapple, lime, spinach, cucumber and apple. For mains I ordered yasai yaki soba, minus the egg and it was fantastic - noodles with mushrooms, beansprouts, peppers, spring onions, shallots and pickled ginger. Will 100% be visiting again!

Emma is also a book worm so an adventure to a book shop was always on the cards. I picked up a couple of YA books on her persistent recommendations - The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson and The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness.

We found ourselves in Topshop, my all time favourite high street store and I fell in love with Beyonce' recent clothing line Ivy Park, I'll be treating myself soon to some new gym wear. Emma being one of my best friends and all, and what with us moving to different locations for university next month we're going to be apart.

However, you know those best friend necklaces you'd buy your constantly changing best friend in primary school? We got those! Ours are the Yin Yang symbol split into two, she got the Yin (The black side with a white spot) and I got the Yang (The white side with a black spot). The necklaces are dainty and delicate. I'm not massively a fan of wearing much jewellery because it's a lot of fussing about and fiddling, idk I find rings and bracelets all annoying, but this is a sentimental necklace so it's a keeper!

Yummy food and clothes shopping aside it was a lovely day, one to treasure forever.

In all the day ended with my sister and I outside in the garden at 12am giggling and attempting yet failure to watch the meteor shower. Damn clouds. 

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