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July 18, 2016

Never have I felt such a surge of emotions towards a book since reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

How to Build a Girl is phenomenal, influential and real. Real for every girl who has experienced being a teenager, real for every young girl approaching their teenage years, although the book is explicit for a child, yet it is the most truthful book about being a girl. The taboos of being a girl are gone. You can talk about sex, periods and masturbation as much as you want, please do, take advice from this fantastic piece of fiction and TALK about everything that means being a girl. 

Written by the utterly superb Caitlin Moral, her second novel and one of a series of connecting novels as you witness the protagonist Johanna Morrigan go through childhood all the way through to adulthood. Moran is an established author, journalist and broadcaster. She is an out-spoken, confident and hilarious figure for girls and women in the 21st century. She is an inspiring voice in the feminist community. She has no limits. She writes the real, gritty stuff.

How to Build a Girl documents a young girl under transformation, to create herself the way she desires to be, stemming from years of bullying at school Johanna Morrigan transforms into the alter ego Dolly Wilde.

Following her dreams of being a music journalist, she extends up her musical knowledge and lands herself a job in London enabling her to attend gigs of famous bands and write about them.


Why you should read this book? It is stomach achingly funny, quirky and a truthful experience of how it is to be a teenage girl. Moran normalises being female, this book (if you're a girl) will make you feel normal and like you belong. It will make you believe you can achieve absolutely anything. Nothing is impossible, even in a world dominated by males, you can write, you can run the world, you can be an athlete. Be whatever the hell you want to be. Regardless of gender.

Favourite quote? (Sorry for the expletives but it's okay because it's fiction, and from the Queen that is Caitlin Moran)

"If you want to be a fucking writer - then be a fucking writer. Just fucking write."

Have you read this book, or anything else by Caitlin???

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