Guess Who's Back, Back Again?

June 27, 2016

Impromptu Eminem lyric.

Two months have passed since I last blogged, I promise you I have a reason for my absence. A-Levels. After months of intense revision, sleepless nights, stress eating and generally being a grumpy person. (Apologies to all the people in my life who had to deal with me moaning and crying 24/7)

But it's over. English Literature was my final exam around 10 days ago now. The relief I feel is immense. Back to eating my 5-a-day and not living off snacks and porridge. Sleep is now a blessing. Happiness has found its way back into my life, a stress-free summer is ahead of me.

The luxury of Summer has arrived, before university begins in September, bringing an ever-growing bucket list, but one over the period of summer, including my expanding To Be Read List (which will be a blog post in the upcoming week). I can lay in bed, or in the sun, or take myself to a coffee shop for some solitude with a book. I can go to the gym more frequently and consistently, more importantly maybe work on the issue of exam weight gain. Ugh, we all know what I'm talking about? I can binge watch TV shows without enormous guilt, I can have lie ins, start baking again and spend time with all my favourite people.

Treat this post as a bridge into a regular posting schedule, now time is free and accessible to me. I plan to post a few times a week, not promising anything but hopefully I can build everything up again, get involved with other bloggers and produce content!

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