Saturday, 23 April 2016


Today marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, positively regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. 

For the last two weeks my excitement for today has been unreal, I have been telling everyone I happen to see that Shakespeare died 400 years ago. The responses from people outside of my literature class have been a mixture of eye rolls, raised eyebrows and blank faces. Unless like me you are a literature fanatic, or book lover, or just in general a Shakespeare fan then I can imagine it is hard for outsiders to understand the excite, but for reals I love Shakespeare. I'll admit I haven't read enough of his works, what I have read through my literature lessons I have enjoyed and delved into and it's brought out a deeper passion and understanding for the talent that extraordinary man had.

Some of his works include Macbeth, Hamlet, the very famous Romeo and Juliet with the film adaptation starring a beautiful and youthful Leonardo Dicaprio and an extensive collection of sonnets. 

I am fortunate to live close to London and have found the opportunity to visit The Globe Theatre several times. The theatre is impeccable, full of fantastic history, incredible stories and the building itself is simply exquisite. If you ever find yourself in the city of London, The Globe Theatre is a place that will certainly broaden your mind and throw you deeper into the world of literature! 

Now after thinking about the playwright for a long, long time, I'm going to settle down tonight, turn on BBC2 to watch the exclusive Shakespeare Live, celebrating the anniversary as a national event!

Just a quick short post about my obsessive love for everything Shakespeare, soz.

What are some of your favourite quotes from his works?

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

6 of my Favourite Book Covers

Admiring my bookshelves every day, I want to share with you my favourite book covers. The books I have chosen, you'll probably be able to tell I like plain, simplistic and aesthetically pleasing covers. The phrase 'more is less' comes into play. 

This glorious cover for Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone is just so perfect - Bloomsbury's new children's editions. Its illustrations are adorable, the cover feels more inviting for children to pick up a HP book. The magic held within the Harry Potter tales flow through this cover with its sparkles. It makes you want to dive right in, plus the feeling of the cover in your hands is wonderful. It is sleek magical to run your fingers over its smooth appearance.

A Brilliant Madness by Robert M.Drake is a extraordinary collection of poetry and writings. The cover is hot pink with unique illustrations that are amazing to simply stare at, these illustrations continue through-out the collection, they are divine and add to the messages conveyed in M.Drake's writing. There's something about books that are satisfying to touch, I can describe it like suede or rubber, but gentle, it's soothing and sometimes I take it from my shelves just to admire the cover. 

Another simplistic cover for Firecracker by David Iserson. It is perfectly plain considering the adventures inside the book. The faceless figure and the style makes me believe it's a girly girly book, it reminds me of Zooey Deschanel's character in New Girl. 

American Psycho is light and effortless, it immediately draws you in, especially that little splodge of smeared blood. The colour palette is aesthetically pleasing for me, the power this cover holds is incredible. Just look how tiny the title is! A hint of blood sets the tone for the contents of the book, the irony of the tiny drop of blood considering how much blood the book involves (Spoiler, soz) 

We Were Liars by E.Lockhart reminds me of summer, floating around in the sea, ice creams and enjoying time with friends. The sun shining, adventures to be had and places to explore. However, that starkly contrasts the plot, it's dark and some tragic events occur over the characters summer. 

Last by not least, my absolute favourite because doughnuts. How can you go wrong with doughnuts? This Book Will Save Your Life by A.M Holmes attracted me because of the cover, I judged a book by its cover. We are all guilty of it, but I am glad I picked this book up. Again, the cover is basic and makes me crave mouth watering, rainbow sprinkled doughnuts.

So, that was a round up of some of my favourite covers. 

Have you read any of these books?

What are your favourite covers?

I hope spring is treating you all well. x

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

How Talking is Good for You | Update on Therapy

Today is therapy day and the lead up to the appointment leaves me racked with nerves. Sleep the night before my session is a myth, I toss and turn like the plastic flying fish you win in a cracker at Christmas. It's not because I don't like therapy, don't get me wrong, my sessions are informative and helpful in aiding my recovery, it is the getting there that makes me tense up slightly.  

Once I'm in the building, I'm okay, my nerves settle and I feel slightly relived at the fact I can tell my therapist everything, without fearing judgement. Although, the building could be brighter and a little more inviting - recovery isn't sunshine and rainbows but it would be nice to feel like the walls around me aren't block white and closing in on me. 

In movies mental illness and therapy are portrayed in different lights. A few movies that include the protagonist receiving professional help are Perks of Being a Wallflower, Girl, Interrupted and It's Kind of a Funny Story. 

FYI all wonderfully written books too! (Bonus!)

It seems enjoyable and a lovely place to be. Reality is, the waiting room is tedious. Everyone walking in knows why you are here, or it's pretty obvious that you are suffering with some form of mental illness and you require someone else's help. Remember, we are all in the same boat.

Not that help is a bad thing but sometimes, anxiety affects me to the point where I feel like exploding when someone looks at me in that waiting room. 

However, talking to someone provides a sense of relief. All the comes out of my mouth, all my thoughts and emotions stay in the walls of the room, even if the room is unbearable and makes me more nervous, with its emptiness and unwelcoming atmosphere. 

Therapy makes me talk. It's easier to talk to somebody about how you are feeling when you don't know them personally, when I don't know my therapist's back story or any information about him. The only information I have is his name. There's nothing connecting us emotionally or physically, his job is to listen to me and write excessive notes about my emotions and behaviours.

Which, BOY, he had a lot of note down this session. My mind has been racing with thoughts for weeks because I missed a session because I didn't feel up to, so it had been a while and everything had been building up. But it's good, so good to talk. You build up a trust with your therapist, they might not have experienced anything you have themselves but they are there to give advice, help you find new coping techniques and just god-damn listen to you. 

Sometimes all someone needs is someone to talk to.

I leave the building feeling lighter, all my worries are gone, even just for a short while. It is amazing how much simply sitting in a room talking about my feelings releases every inch of tension in my body. To use a cliche, as light as a feather is what I would use to describe the feeling. 

All in all, therapy was successful; my next session is booked. 

Instead of being plain Jane and always sticking with simple soya cappuccinos, I opted for a roasted almond cappuccino from Costa which was delicious. I'm not normally a fan of flavoured coffee and sweet tastes but this has changed my life, and made therapy pleasant. 

The day finished with lunch from Pret, new Topshop jeans (Topshop's Jamie jeans are the best fitting jeans on the high street in my opinion, stretchy and make my booty look peachy) and a coral orange matte Barry M lipstick. Feeling fab U L O U S. 

I hope you enjoy my words and brain ramblings. I'm heading back to revision now...

What are your thoughts on therapy? Do you have any experiences? I would LOVE to feel some comfort in not being the only one.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Spring Starbuck Cups

Travelling to Bristol on Monday morning, first day of my Easter break from college and I was awake by 6am after a measly 3 hours sleep. Loving life. Not. 

Although, excited for my two day trip to Bristol and Bath.

Two hour drive, a little nap. Feeling mildly human again.

First stop, Bristol city centre, Cabot Circus.

Starbucks was vital after minimal sleep. The day before I had seen an advertisement on Starbucks Instagram advertising their new collection of Spring themed takeaway cups, specially designed by the baristas themselves. A different design for each sized coffee.

Staying in Bristol before the travel to Bath the next day to visit the university, mainly because my cousin lives in Bristol and it was lovely to visit her. Her home is beautiful, she shares a house and lives in the first floor with her husband. The decor was hippy chic, it felt super cosy and inviting and I could smell pancakes on arrival. 

Eating out is sometimes an issue because I get hangry (Lol and can't handle not knowing how long my food will be) and I'm vegan. My family enjoy traditional pub dinners but there aren't many pubs offering vegan food yet. However, we tried out the restaurant Las Iguana's and BOY, I was not disappointed.

The vegan menu is incredible, literally perfect, so many choices. 

I opted for a starter of tortilla chips, guacamole and all the sides, a main of chilli and a dessert of mango sorbet. Delighted I could have a dessert!

Food was exceptional. Company was wonderful. 

Back to the hotel after a quick supermarket run for late night snacks. (Cashew nuts and apples for me and an abundance of sweets for my sister).

Unfortunately exam period is looming so some revision materials came with me on my travels and I sat in the hotel room at midnight studying language change.

English student problems.

Early morning and a buffet breakfast. Could have been worse. Again I was pleasantly surprised at the vegan options. Soz to be mentioning veganism continuously but if you're in the same boat then you know sometimes all the options are either chips or a side salad. The day began at 7am so I filled my tummy with toast, veggie sausages and beans. Very happy despite the early morning. 

Arriving in Bath with a full stomach and the sun shining. The reason for my being here is Bath Spa university is my firm choice. I have a conditional place to study Creative Writing in September.

The campus is beautiful, architecture both modern and traditional, and sheep. Stunning scenery, spacious and there's a Starbucks on campus. (This post is not sponsored by Starbucks, unless they want to give me lots of free cappuccinos I won't complain).

The creative writing course talk has confirmed to me that all I want to do in my life is writing. Writing is my happiness and I want to make other people happy with my writing, or at least feel something. The talk became a massive motivation to continue working hard, more specifically revising over the Easter holidays because, god DAMN IT  I want to go to Bath Spa university more than anything else. 

During the talk, my head was filling with story ideas and character descriptions. To say the visit has inspired me to continue writing and doing what I love is an understatement. The whole journey home I was planning blog posts and new stories. So inspired!

Now, I'm home and my hair is washed. I'm cosy in bed surrounded by fairy lights, fudge scented candles and a mug of peppermint tea. 


Friday, 1 April 2016

March Madness | Where is This Year Going?

At this very moment, I am basking in the warm, natural light of Spring, sipping a peppermint tea because I kinda ate an entire tub of ice cream last night and am hoping it cancels it out. Who cares though because it was salted caramel flavour and it was the bomb.

March is over!

First and foremost, I cannot believe it's April. The year is going so fast and time is kinda scary to me. I sometimes feel like I'm running out of time, or there's not enough time to do everything I want to.

I need to chill. I'm 20, not 80.

Some of my favourite things of last month

Rainbow Rowell (most treasured YA author) has favourited several of my tweets.

Completed all of my A2 coursework. FOR GOOD. Never will I be up all night panicking and crying whilst hitting that relief of a word limit on three individual sets of coursework again!

Coffee dates with my mum. She's been putting in long hours as a carer and I haven't been able to see her much. So when the opportunity arose we went for coffee and chatted (and gossiped). It's finally spring meaning I can enjoy iced coffees without freezing to death, there's nothing like a cold icy coffee in the summer! (It's not summer yet, I know but I'm so ready for it)

Girly sleepovers with a friend from college. We made pizzas, a vegan special for me and pepperoni and olives for Emma. Have you ever met someone who is you in every way possible, just in another body? That is Emma. We share a massive love for books and poetry. When we were arranging to have a sleepover, I was more excited to browse her bookshelves. She buys me peppermint tea on our college breaks, she makes me cry laugh, I can tell her everything and not feel judged and we can still in comfortable silence.

Second-hand book shopping has become a new favourite. There's something about used books, knowing someone else has hopefully loved it and cherished the pages as much as I will. Classics are making their way onto my shelves lately so I bought 3 totalling a price of £2.10!!! One of these included an annotated edition of Frankenstein -  you might have already seen this if you follow my instagram, if not then self promoting you can find me @brigeorgie

World Poetry Day; 21st March. I celebrated reading some of my favourite poets including Rupi Kaur (Check out her poetry collection called Milk and Honey), Sylvia Plath and Charles Bukowski!

Tickets to Ellie Goulding were booked before Christmas. The day came around so fast. My mum and I explored Camden for a while before travelling to Greenwich. We went to Cookies & Scream - a vegan bakery in central Camden that I highly recommend for warm, gooey peanut butter brownies and chocolate chip cookies. The weather was beautiful, it felt like summer, people were everywhere enjoying the hectic atmosphere of Camden town. Ellie Goulding's performance was flawless, need I have to say that.

During an English language lesson, English linguist Mark Forsyth came and spoke to our class. He spoke about language change, how words change meaning over time and why, it was fascinating.

Getting back into fitness and regular gym sessions has been one of my priorities for the last couple of months. Running is my all time fav exercise and I'm slowly getting back to running long distances. Feeeeels good.

March marked 6 months being vegan. Doesn't seem like very long but the difference in my health is incredible. My hair grows at an excessive speed, my skin is pretty clear except for you know, that time of the month or when I've stupidly forgotten to take my make up off. I feel healthy. 

If you've read my previous posts, here and here then you might know that I've been sorting out the mess inside my head. March really saw a massive change in me. Well, I think so. The last year of my life I felt like I had lost myself, I wasn't sure who I was, I didn't know what I enjoyed doing, etc etc. I don't feel like I had a personality. But now, something has changed and I feel like I'm learning about myself again. 

What have been your favourite things about March? Or are you looking forward to anything in April?