I Spend All My Money on Coffee

March 04, 2016

This post is a spur of the moment kinda thing, I don't have much to talk and blog about but I felt an overwhelming urge to write, and probably another method of keeping myself busy.

I have spent a good amount of time this week by myself, in coffee shops madly writing essays and dissolving myself in the whirling of the coffee machine. 

I have an annoying timetable at college where I basically have one lesson a day, involving a total of a 3 hour bus journey for a two hour lesson, so to make my time productive... 

I have been getting out of the house, setting myself up in coffee shops and drinking warm, frothy soy cappuccinos. Pretending I'm all so cool with a laptop, a novel and a folder of notes. So yes, I've been spending the remnants of my poor, screaming bank balance on liquid goodness and I regret nothing. Caffeine might possibly be the reason  I pass my exams this year, which may I add are in 3 MONTHS TIME. 

Learning from last years mistakes I began revising at the end of January. I have been so productive these last few months I can feel my brain exploding with English language and literature terminology. Literally going to explode. 

I mean, do you know what assimilation is? (Don't google it)

You probably don't unless you're a massive English enthusiast like I am, It's that time of year again where I lay in bed at night reciting quotes from the novels I'm studying.

Spending time alone this week has been all I've done and I don't feel lonely. I enjoy my time alone, maybe too much. Finding a cosy spot in a coffee shop and getting lost in my writing and reading is calming, it matches the feelings I get when I exercise. Also being alone in a public place is an ideal opportunity to people watch. 

I write, I love to write and it will always be my thing. Writing is constantly on my mind, creating new characters and stories from my own experiences and the people around me. I saw a woman probably my age this week, enjoying a hot chocolate topped with cream and sprinkles, she was knitting and I was so fascinated by the way her fingers weaved around the threads of wool.

She is to become inspiration for a character in the novel I'm writing. I am so excited to write more.

Also, some little other things this week

1. I got an A grade in my English language coursework. YAY
2. I made vegan ice cream from frozen bananas and cocoa powder. Ugh yes. So good.
3. Rainbow Rowell (Author of Fangirl, Eleanor & Park and Carry On) favourited my tweet!
4. I finished reading I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. Feels.
5. It is three weeks today until I see Ellie Goulding live. 

Lolz. Enjoy my scramble of words...

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