19 Things I Learnt Whilst Being 19

December 07, 2015

My 20th birthday is upcoming, in 20 days to be accurate. There's already too many numbers in this post and I feel uncomfortable. Anyway, in a matter of weeks I will officially no longer be a 'teen'. A fully pledged adult you would assume. I'm one of the oldest students in my classes, it's weird because a lot of my friends are only 17 or just turning 18. I have been an adult for two years - I have been able to buy alcohol for two years yet I still make my parents go to the tills for me because I fear the cashier will never believe my ID.

This year has been a funny year for me, a combination of the best and the worst possible things have happened. Through-out the last couple of months I've been writing ideas and thoughts in a notebook about the things I've learnt whilst being 19. I worry that these kind of posts seem clichéd but I enjoy reading other people's lists so..

1. Don't let anyone tell you you're eating too many jars of peanut butter.

2. Quitting things that make you unhappy is okay and you don't need to justify your actions.

3. You are so so so intelligent. (Finally passed AS level bitches.)

4. You don't give yourself enough credit for anything you achieve.

5. Boys probably most likely aren't worth it yet. (Side note, I'm not putting all males into one category. Scrolling through my Facebook feed, most girls I know are now settling down into long-term relationships and having children. No thank u sir, not for me)

6. Carbs are not the enemy. My diabetes may say so but get out??? You think I'm going to stop eating bread, bagels, pizza and pasta??

7. Eyebrows are apparently a very important, defining feature.

8.. Low maintenance friends are the best kind of friends - the kind that you don't see for months but when you finally do you pick up exactly where you left off.

9.. Don't let anyone tell you Nicki Minaj isn't the hottest gurl on Earth.

10.. Starbucks will become your second home and soya cappuccino's will become bae (Now you know my coffee order, when's our next date?)

11.. Bae is an acceptable word.

12. Joining the gym and engaging in regular exercise will make you feel better both physically and mentally. 

13.. Becoming a vegan was your best idea this year.

14.. Books, books shops and libraries provide you with a perfect tranquillity.

15. Family are the most important thing in the world. Especially my mum.

16. Health comes first.

17. Weight gain doesn't define who you are as a person and definitely doesn't change your personality.

18. You're allowed to be a bitch if necessary.


This post sums up my year, bit wild, bit full of reality TV and stress, coffee and books.

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