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September 02, 2015

This is my first What I Ate Wednesday and I'm pretty excited, I love love LOVE food and making meals for myself. I don't have the perfect diet, I mean does anyone? I've seen a couple of bloggers/youtubers doing this post and I thought I'd join in. I'm currently still on my summer holidays so it enables me to have a more homemade lunch rather than a quickly made sandwich and some fruit. Being at home means I can make more meals that take time and that's one thing I'm going to miss when I go back to college next week. My meals are quite repetitive because I get obsessed with a certain meal and decide to have it 24/7 so I probably won't do these posts every week because you will get bored. 

Breakfast - Chocolate porridge with peanut butter
A couple of months back I discovered the magic of overnight oats and ever since I've been having them every single day. Before I go to bed, 50g of plain rolled oats, 200ml of almond milk (or your preferred milk) and 7g of cocoa powder left overnight for the oats to soften and then in the morning, heat it up, add a spoonful of peanut butter and your porridge is SO creamy and soft.

Lunch - Scrambled egg and spinach with wholemeal toast and avocado

If you know me, you know I have an extreme obsession with both avocado and peanut butter (Not together, that might be weird) so you should probably expect to see those frequently. Lunch today was scrambled egg made with 2 egg whites and 1 yolk and fresh spinach. Chuck it all in a shallow pan or saucepan and continuously stir otherwise you'll have an omelette instead of scrambled. One slice of a wholemeal bloomer loaf toasted with around half an avocado/50g of mashed avocado spread on with a sprinkling of pepper. I'm loving this meal at the minute and I've been having it every lunch time with no regrets. 

Dinner - 'Chicken' and couscous

I'm unsure what to call this dish, it's simply just a few ingredients thrown together because there's not much in my house at the moment. Quorn chicken pieces, sweetcorn, courgette and spinach drenched in soy sauce laid on a bed of couscous. A simple meal to make, taking me around 20 minutes to put together, includes some of your 5-a-day and is super yummy. 

That's all I'll probably eat today because I've had quite a stationary day lounging around watching films. I hope you like this new post and seeing what I eat! 

Comment below if you've like me to do this often. 

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