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September 04, 2015

It's a ritual for my mum and I to take a trip to London on one of the last days of the summer holidays. This year my little sister came along and we enjoyed a lot of yummy food, including sweet potato and chickpea burgers from Borough Market and pizza and garlic bread from our favourite affordable restaurant in London called Garfunkels. 

I live reasonably close to London, a brief 22 miles away so I find myself in the city quite often. There's always something new to see or a place you've never explored before, for instance Covent Garden this summer has an exhibition of balloons. It's weird but fascinating and a marvel to look at and obviously, completely Instagram worthy. 

The Harry Pottoer store at Kings Cross station is one of my favourite places in the city. Being the big Harry Potter fan I am, I absolutely love all the merchandise and the beauty of the set and props. Kings Cross is the famous station regarding HP fans as it's where platform 9 and 3/4 is situated. I like to pretend it's real. Honestly guys, it exists. Not only is there a gift shop but there's also the opportunity to pretend you're crashing through the wall with your trolley and have your photo taken. My sister purchased the Bertie Bott's jelly beans that are so typically a feature on The Hogwarts Express and on a pit stop to Starbucks we dived in, in both fear and excitement over the strange flavours. I happened to pick one which was soap flavoured and for the rest of the day I could taste washing up liquid. There's a vomit flavoured one (Yes, gross. My only question is, how did they get it to taste of vomit? Who's vomit is it? It is Daniel Radcliffe's?) 

Recently opened in the last few months is a 3 floored Lush store on Oxford Street. I've heard a lot of bloggers raving about this store and oh my, it's beautiful. Not only does it smell absolutely incredible, it's vibrant, spacious and full of the friendliest staff members who are always on hand to help. This branch of Lush has limited edition products, products that you might not find in your nearest local Lush. Browsing the three floors of beauty goodness, I couldn't decide what to buy so unfortunately I didn't purchase anything (I now regret that!). However, with the revamp of this Lush store I am so so SO gutted that my favourite bath bomb Space Girl has been discontinued. Not ending on a sad note, if you happen to find yourself in London, take a trip to Oxford Street, have a browse in the magnificent store and inhale the mixture of citrus, floral and sweet smells. 

Every time I travel to London the architecture never fails to amaze me. I could spends hours walking round the city lusting over the buildings, I mean just look at the ceiling of Kings Cross station. Mesmerisingly beautiful. 

What are you favourite things to do in London? Sights? And favourite foody heavens? 

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