Ellie Goulding at The Roundhouse

September 21, 2015

Flashback to last week when I received an email telling me I had won tickets for myself and a guest to see Ellie Goulding at the opening night of Apple Music Festival (Was once called The iTunes festival). It's safe to say I freaked out. I entered the competition with no high hopes in winning, but clearly luck is on my side this year because earlier on I also won a domino's pizza. I have liked/loved (Trying not to be a massive fan girl) Ellie since I was about 13 so winning these tickets was a dream come true...

I took my mum along with me. My mum and I are literally best friends and she wouldn't say no to mother/daughter time, especially when it involved a trip to London.

Off we headed to Camden. Ever since my first trip to London probably when I was 14 I have loved Camden and still do. I love the hustle and bustle of Camden market, the variety of cuisines (You've probably heard about the bang bang chicken...) the wide diversity of personalities, the sounds of typical London traffic, market hustlers and just the general atmosphere. Even more so on a Saturday evening.

First stop, food.

In the week leading up to the event I was frantically googling and researching suitable places to eat, finding the perfect place for a vegan to eat. Luckily my mum supports me in my food choices and she'll happily eat vegetarian/vegan food also.

I found this place called My Village Cafe, I was weary because I couldn't find much information online, however I was not disappointed. The cafe itself is intimate (Maybe the wrong choice of word but you get my drift) the tables are all quite close together, you really felt like you knew everybody around you. Upon entering, before even sitting down I knew I was going to love it. Inside it was dark but vibrant and that's because of the people inside. None of the interior matched, it was unique. Wooden tables and stools, fairy lights and small picnic like tables with a chessboard style top. Feeling like I had entered a fairy tale setting, I laughed to my mum that I felt as if there should have been a witches cauldron in the middle bubbling away.

Hungry, extremely hungry after working an 8 hour shift beforehand, we sat and gazed at the menu in wonder. The drink selection was incredible, herbal teas, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, milkshakes and coffee's. All available with the option for dairy free (For the coffee's and milkshakes). I had an iced coffee made with soya milk and my mum had a mint and ginger herbal tea. The food menu didn't have a large selection of choice, however the dishes that were on offer supplied at least probably your 10-a-day...


Our starters included a small tub of houmous with fresh warm pitta breads and a soup they call Grandma's Soup which I'm not certain what it contained but it seemed like lentils! Our mains were a massive plate of nutritional goodness of beetroot, falafel, cucumber, pepper, chickpeas, more houmous, kidney beans, salad leaves, a mint dip and probably many other forgotten but yummy ingredients. I highly recommend this cafe, reasonably priced, polite and enthusiastic staff members, great service, yummy food and beautiful surroundings. 

After food we had a wander around Camden until it was time to enter the venue.

The famous Amy Winehouse statue.

I didn't realise there was a branch of the Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden and now I wished I hadn't already eaten a massive plate of food because every cereal looked amazing. The cafe is so aesthetically pleasing. 

Offering a large selection of cereal from across the globe. You have your typically British cereals like Kellogg's, Coco Pops and Shreddies and then the most incredible American cereal range offering Lucky Charms, Froot Loops and Cinnabon. Not only do they supply such global cereals with so many choices, there's the option for various milks too so if you have dietary requirements you are catered for. They stock all dairy free milks. Once you've chosen your cereal and milk, there's the choice of toppings ranging from fruit, nuts and obviously the most unhealthiest toppings (Magic stars, party rings and marshmallows being a few). Their range of pop tarts flavours is incredible, definitely check those out. Seeing as it is breakfast foods toast is available with a variety of spreads including peanut butter and popping candy spread!!!!?

Houses in London are beautiful, right? 

Now for the real reason I was in London. Ellie Goulding.

I've never been in the Roundhouse until last weekend, it was amazing. Modern and easy to navigate yourself around. My mum and I ordered a few alcoholic drinks from the bar, let's not talk about the prices... It probably would have been cheaper to go to the Sainsbury's outside, buy a bottle of vodka and neck it before we went in... That's a joke. I'm classier than that, I promise.

The supporting act was the stunning Andra Day. Originally from California, a singer who begun after being found on Youtube. Her music is soulful and quite jazzy. She rocked it. She reminded me of a mix between Paloma Faith and the late Amy Winehouse.

At the beginning of Ellie's set I was near the back because we decided we wanted drinks during the break between Andra and Ellie and lost our pretty decent places. However as the night progressed I ended up closer to the stage. I could spend the next few paragraphs talking about how absolutely incredible, amazing and talented Ellie is but I'll keep it brief. She never fails to make me smile, especially when she performed my favourite songs Ritual, Lights and now currently her newest single On My Mind which I may add Saturday evening was the first time she played it live. It gives me goosebumps to think how lucky I am. She is so so so wonderful. 

Her set list included her feature tracks Powerful (Major Lazer), Outside (Calvin Harris) and her cover of Elton John's Your Song and also the track that featured on this years release of 50 Shades of Grey 'Love Me Like You Do'. 

If you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen a couple of these photos. My outfit for the night was this stunning Topshop skirt that I brought a few days before on Depop, my style doesn't normally include midi skirts because I've always thought they don't suit me as I'm quite short, however this skirt has changed my life. So swish and floaty and sparkling, I felt bloody great. Crop top is from Missguided, purchased just before Christmas last year and this was only it's 2nd outing, I clearly don't go out enough to wear glamorous booby pieces of clothing. I paired it with a pair of chunky black platform boots.

I had the loveliest day, Ellie Goulding reminded me why I love her, the food I ate was delicious and the mother/daughter time was the best.

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