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September 01, 2015

It's officially September, that both means it's (kinda) autumn and unfortunately back to education for many people. Whether that be school, college or university I'm going to compile a few tips for surviving the upcoming year and to persuade you to buy some cute stationery.

  1. Don't panic. Easier said than done, but if you're entering a new year of education I know for a fact it makes me anxious and I can't speak for everyone. Be prepared for your first day back and remember that a lot of students also feel anxious. 
  2. Plan ahead. Don't leave it to last minute, eg the day before you return back to learning to buy everything you need whether that's uniform or stationery. To help with this point, buy a planner to record deadlines, meetings, inset days, holidays, appointments and everything that may cause you stress if you forget. I've never done this before because I always felt like I was organized (I was wrong.) so this year as I'm entering my second year of A-Levels I'm going to be buying a planner to organize my workload. I'm all for supporting independent artists and shops so Etsy is a given when online shopping for stationery. Here, here (especially this one, it's super cute and reasonably priced) and most importantly here for a Harry Potter themed planner!!!
  3. Buy cute stationery. A new academic year gives you the excuse to buy a whole new haul of stationery. I think it also gives you some motivation, if your stationery is looking cute then you're going to want to use it! Paperchase is one of my stationery heavens, full of fun looking animal prints, unicorns, glitter, fairies and accessories with food on. I mean who doesn't want erasers that are shaped like ponies? Recently discovered is Sticker Stack with a range of absolutely adorable stationery items including notebooks, planners, pencil cases and stickers with animals on because we all need those sourced from Japan and Korea. 
  4. Make sure you have a bag that will hold everything you need on a daily basis. This includes textbooks (If you're somebody who has to carry around several heavy books, I recommend getting a more heavy duty bag. You don't want your books falling on the floor in a school corridor, this isn't an American high school movie and a cute boy probably won't help you pick it all up) notebooks, stationery, books for your own leisure reading, food (!!) and drinks (!!), make up/hair products and perhaps space for clothing items, eg coats and scarves.
  5. Fresh starts. So maybe last year you didn't do as well as you wanted to on that assignment or your attendance wasn't brilliant, a new academic year is a perfect chance to start new. Forget last year (Don't forget what you learned though, that might be important this year. Hahaha.) and start new, make amends with people (Teachers, I know that sometimes they can be scary and intimidating) and work hard.
Now for when you've actually returned to education.
  1. Breakfast. Eating a good healthy breakfast before your day boosts your concentration and prevents a mid morning dip. 
  2. Hydration. Water, don't forget to take a bottle of water with you on your day. 
  3. Time. Give yourself enough time in the morning to get up, get ready, eat breakfast and then make your journey to school/college/university. The last thing you want is to be late on your first day! Make a good impression for the first week and then if it all goes down hill further in the year, it's okay... No, I'm kidding. 
  4. Notes. I don't know about you but I'm an efficient learner when I take pages and pages of notes, it's when I take in the most information. Find out what kind of learner you are. 
  5. Take time for yourself and friends. Education is important yes, but give yourself time for the activities you like to do outside of studying. Have coffee with your friends. Watch your favourite TV show. Just don't forget about what you need to do to pass your exams/tests/assignments. Allow yourself relaxation time. 
(Credit due to Pinterest)

I hope these tips are useful for you and if you're not actually in education anymore that doesn't mean you can't buy any new stationery. 

Where do you buy your stationery from? Any online stores to recommend? Independent sellers?

Also, what are your top tips for a new academic year? 

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