33 Things about Autumn.

September 28, 2015

It's officially autumn and this year it's becoming my new favourite season. I'm normally a winter girl, that's probably down to the fact I was born in December. This year I'm noticing more about the autumn months and I have a lot more appreciation for the colours, scents and general atmosphere of the season.
  1. Crunchy leaves
  2. Turtlenecks
  3. Crispy mornings
  4. Perfect weather for skirts and jumpers. Not too cold. Not too hot.
  5. The low sun rising in the morning and bouncing off the reflection of windows
  6. Dark lipstick - It's now acceptable to dig out the deep reds and plum purples
  7. Wardrobe colours - Rust, camel, grey, navy
  8. Knitted jumpers
  9. Darker evenings
  10. Apple crumble with custard
  11. Conkers
  12. Hot chocolate with marshmallows (Veggie ones for me though please!)
  13. Trees. You know what I'm talking about. The colours of the leaves
  14. Bonfire night
  15. Hot drinks
  16. New TV seasons begin. I'm talking The Walking Dead and American Horror Story
  17. Fireworks
  18. Halloween
  19. Pumpkin carving
  20. Fluffy socks
  21. Movie nights under blankets that aren't sweating hot like in Summer
  22. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  23. Warm hearty meals e.g. soups, stews, casseroles 
  24. Chelsea boots
  25. Kicking bundles of leaves
  26. Toffee apples
  27. The most incredible sunsets that are always Instagram-able
  28. Mustard coloured clothing. A must
  29. This year have you seen the Starbucks autumn takeaway cups????
  30. Moths
  31. Autumnal candle scents
  32. Layering
  33. The lead up to Christmas officially begins. Santa Claus is coming to town. When is it acceptable to watch Elf? Is September too early? 
What do you enjoy most about autumn?

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