Things I Did When My Internet Was Down

August 27, 2015

My internet went down for nearly a day!!!! (What a drama) and here's what I did.

  • Cried.
  • Panicked because I'd have hours of Instagram scrolling to do.
  • Actually spoke to my siblings because we had to.
  • Discovered that Flakes (the chocolate bar that you get in your 99 ice creams, although 99 is a lie. They are no longer that priced and are stupidly overpriced when I could go to Tesco and buy a 2L tub of ice cream for two quid) don't melt. I repeat, Flakes do not melt. Put a Flake in the microwave and watch it get hot and burn, but hell no, it won't melt like normal Cadbury's chocolate. Are you noting how bored I was without Internet? This is like a scientific break-through. 
  • I cried again.
  • Board games. Actually played board games with my siblings, or rather we argued over who was winning and who was cheating. FYI I'm not a cheater. 
  • I had to listen to consistent moaning that "life is boring" without Internet connection. Damn the 21st century obsession with WiFi, Internet and social media. 
  • Cried one last time before triumphantly cheering when the wireless router was resurrected. 

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