July Reflection

August 06, 2015

I'm fully aware that it's currently the 6th of August and this post probably should have been posted on the first few days of the month, I've been extremely busy (For once!) so apologies. A favourites post? You mean what every other blogger/youtuber/social media fanatic does? Yes one of them. I don't plan on doing these every month but I feel like I have a few things to talk about from this month, things that have made me happy, valuable family time and new adventures.

It's more of a 'What I Did in July Post',

1. Miley Cyrus - Nightmare - This song is an unreleased single from Miley. Nightmare popped up on my Tumblr dashboard one evening and since then, I've been hooked. Constantly on repeat. Although the lyrics are somewhat dark I think you'll find yourself humming along to it and dancing in your bedroom in your underwear. It's catchy, I'm listening to it now as I write this paragraph and my head is bopping up and down in rhythm. It's just so damn good. 
2. I won a free medium pizza from domino's. (You can't say no to free pizza)
3. Started a work experience thing/helping out a local in her newly opened bakery making cakes, which I must add is the perfect job for me, it involves cake and coffee...
4. Bangor University open day - Traveled to Wales with my family and explored Wales. This university looks a little like Hogwarts and the English Literature course looks pretty amazing.
5. Wedding - My cousin got married in the most beautiful location in Bath (Post about that here)
6. Diaversary - You probably have no idea what on Earth this is. Diaversary is the anniversary of when you were diagnosed with diabetes and the 4th of July is my diaversary which led to me treating myself to a mint chocolate cupcake!! This year marked my 2 year anniversary.
7. New shoes - I found these beauties in the Topshop sale from £48 to £15.
8. Family time at the steam fair.
9. Selfie/flower crown loving - July has been a confident month for myself, I feel fab in myself which ultimately leads to my camera roll looking like selfie, selfie, selfie, food that looks good, selfie, selfie. Plus I'm loving this massive flower crown (From Topshop)

10. More selfies - I'm not going to apologies for the self loving lately, I feel really, really great and it makes a change from how I've been feeling the last couple of months.
11. Coffee shops - Since starting to drink copious amounts of coffee, I find myself alone reading a book, sipping my soy cappuccino and enjoying the typical sounds of a coffee shop.
12. Food - Delicious plates of food have been finding their way on my Instagram page now, instead of large amounts of selfies my Instagram is just food, food and food. I can't help it. I love food too much to care.
13. Oh look, more food - Helping out at a bakery means I have been baking continuously, this was a banana loaf which was devoured in less than 10 minutes, my family didn't even allow for it to cool.
14. MORE FOOD - I'm not even sorry, a beautiful plate of vegetarian food at my cousin's wedding.
15. Family time - One weekend my family went to a pick your own farm and my brother was pretty happy with his bag full of carrots.
16/17. Coffee and cake and breakfast one morning at 'work'
18. Selfies. Need I say it again...

After a busy few weeks I need a recharging session in my bed with Netflix binge watching, probably more cake and coffee and the comfort of my duvet. 

This wasn't intended to be such a long post, I was trying to make it brief but I got carried away and quite frankly July was a great month.

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