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August 25, 2015

Jumping ahead of time, I am thinking about those hot drinks, fluffy knitted jumpers and the crunchy leaves on the floor. You might be thinking "Oh what is she talking about? It's August!" That's very well but have you seen this typically awful British summer weather? 

Not only am I getting ahead of myself in terms of seasons, I'm also ahead of myself because I'm planning my first pay day. I started a new part time job yesterday (Much excite!!!!) and although I've only done one shift at the minute I'm probably a little too enthusiastic about pay day. I haven't had a job since April, therefore broke *breaks out in that song, you know the one... She ain't got no money in the bank* and my wardrobe needs a complete overhaul because unfortunately you cannot go through winter with a rail of crop tops.

So, I've been browsing both high street and online stores for a couple of staple pieces and I thought I would share my finds and pray that when I get paid in a months time they'll still be in stock! I apologize briefly in advance for items coming from Topshop on a regular basis but I am and will always be a Topshop whore.

Topshop - Check Cape
This is a little out of my price range at £85 but it's a coat and a beautiful one at that. It reminds me of an 80's mod style, you know like This Is England which by the way, there's a brand new series of that next month!! To be honest, I don't need a new coat because the one I brought for last winter is still in good condition and it was from Topshop as well. 

ASOS - Slim Coat
Wildly keeping my options open, this coat is definitely all my dreams in an item of clothing. I'm loving this style of coat right now, my only worry is that because I'm 5'1 the coats will be too long but let's hope, right... My wardrobe is full of dark colours, even in summer so this coat might actually inject some life into my outfits and make me feel like a fashionista. Not only is it a cute candyfloss colour, it's also in my price range at £55. 

I am lusting over the a-line style skirt, however I don't own one and I doubt they'd suit my figure (Wide hips, big thighs, oh well it's worth a try) and I also have no idea what so ever what I would wear with it because as much as I can joke about it, I know absolutely nothing about fashion. *floats off to Pinterest for endless scrolling about a-line skirts* My comfort zone belongs in skinny jeans and slogan tee's. I need one of these skirts, whether it's this one exactly or not I feel this skirt would change my life and style for the better. £28 from Topshop? Yes please. 

ASOS - Chunky knit
A chunky knit for autumn/winter? GROUNDBREAKING. Sometimes I think the clothing I wear during winter is purely for my comfort, not fashion. When you have to get up at 5am to get to college in time, it's cold and dark and you want nothing more than an over sized thick jumper and this hits all the spots. It's also grey, which FYI is my favourite colour or shade... Priced at £42 I am willing to pay the price for warmth and comfort. 

This reverts me back to my childhood and a silly love for stupid looking ponchos, if I could find one I would so have posted a hideous photo of me. When I was a child I had this poncho that I would honestly wear everywhere so it's natural that I've fallen in love with a poncho. A poncho probably 110% more fashionable than the garments I used to wear. I think this colour is perfect for the beginning of autumn, you know all those autumnal colours. Ahh, the leaves. Again, I'm not sure if roll necks suit my figure (Stop being so pessimistic Brianna) but I'm willing to push the boat out of my comfort zone and try out some new styles. Priced at £16 you literally cannot go wrong. 

I love boots, especially the style of Chelsea boots and last year I never brought myself any, however discovering these on ASOS at such a decent price £40 I know that I need to buy them. I mean, they are fabulous and versatile, you can wear them with almost anything.  

ASOS - Chunky boots
I own several pairs of chunky boots and I will always go back to them. I live in mine because I'm only small so the extra bit of height is always welcome. Finding the perfect chunky boot is important to me because they have to be comfy. I've owned pairs that after wearing them all day my feet hurt but the ones I currently wear 24/7 are from River Island and they hit the spot. So comfy. But, I feel as if I should maybe get some new ones and these look super cute with the lacing. Priced at £30, they are hopefully a bargain for a long lasting chunky boot. 

I hope you enjoyed my brief pay day A/W wishlist. What's your favourite piece? :)

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