Wick Farm and Strawberry Picking

July 19, 2015

Last week saw my family witness my cousin get married to her South African partner, held in the most beautiful venue in Bath. Wick Farm's venue holds a modernized barn, high ceilings, a pond with a decking area (First image showcases the greenery surrounding the pond, which did have little ducklings...) and the bar (Third photo) with a super comfy sofa, my food baby and I would later collapse there in a fit of delicious food. 

My cousin is very D.I.Y and the wedding venue had lots of her little touches, the flowers decorating the tables were from her garden, the pots of jam on the tables were put together by her also, she likes to make her own jam! There were fairy lights, candles, hundreds and hundreds of candles which myself and another one of my cousins had the fabulous job of lighting them all when it began to get dark. Origami doves hung from the ceiling, jam jars hand decorated and homemade activities for the younger children including a large scale Ker-Plunk and hula hoops. 

The food was incredible, I was so impressed. Leading up to the wedding I was worried that there wouldn't be anything suitable for me to eat after my cousin told us her plans of a BBQ, however I wasn't disappointed. After the vows and speeches had taken place, the BBQ began and everybody dived for food, literally. Being a vegetarian at a BBQ is normally tricky unless it's pre-planned, which thankfully my cousin (the bride) Christine had it all sorted. My option was these beautiful stuffed peppers (First image) and then a buffet style help yourself to pasta, rice, herby potatoes and freshly baked bread. Pudding was profiteroles!!! The weather stayed sunny for the majority of the day, except one minor pour down which saw everybody sitting outside grab their chairs and run. Activities had been set up, including (Third picture) a collection of props to take silly photos, my brother and sister took the perfect opportunity. Later in the evening, there was more food. Yes, more food. Pizza made on slices of french bread and curly fries. Unconventional for a traditional wedding but this was no ordinary wedding, I continuously found myself  amazed by the effort going into the preparations by the bride and the hens. To sum up the day, it was good company, laughter, mouth-watering food, family love and wonderful weather. 

Skip forward a few days back home, my family and I decided to go to Grove Farm where you pick your own fruit and vegetables. The weather was practical and saw my brother and I picking several punnets of strawberries (Above picture) and not forgetting the sneaky eating of them as we collected them. I like to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables so this was an ideal day out. We left with a wheelbarrow full of fresh strawberries, carrots, onions, potatoes, raspberries, courgettes and beetroots, not only did we leave with fresh produce, we left with suspicious fruit juices on our t-shirts that we attempted to hide when we paid eventually (after eating everything). 

Overall in the last few days, I've been surrounded by good company, food and generally happy memories. 

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