Christmas 2003

January 06, 2015

I don't recall many Christmas memories, I have what you call a short term memory or just a very selected memory. I don't remember what I had for dinner last night but I can tell you what somebody said to me on the 23rd September 2011...

The one day of festivities that stands out to me is Christmas Day 2003. I'm not entirely sure why, I think it has to do with the fact I had one of those disposable plastic cameras in my hands; the times when digital cameras merely existed and if you wanted to have your photos as physical possessions, you had to make a trip to Boots and pay to have them developed. I kinda wish that method of technology was still popular.

Christmas Day 2003, I was 7; very nearly 8 years old. I lived somewhere different to where I live now, I lived in a tiny and bitterly cold flat in a run-down part of my hometown. Pink, fluffy carpets and tattered black velvet sofas graced our living room, not forgetting the out of date single glazed windows. But nonetheless, it was Christmas Day and according to the keepsake photos I and my family captured, it appeared that despite the coldness of our home, I still excitedly jumped around in my deep purple satin pajama bottoms. I should highlight the fact I didn't wear a shirt all day... The photos are definitely for family laughs only. It was acceptable though, I was 7 years old and clearly not going through puberty.

Being the very experienced photographer I was, I snapped a photo of one of my sister's Christmas presents. It was my sister's first Christmas, a moment for my parents to remember, but causing havoc behind the scenes was me, running around joyfully at the aspect of Santa having been the previous night. The present that I captured was a helter skelter framed toy, made of plastic and vividly coloured. The frame came with plastic balls that would then spiral around the plastic tunnels. My mum must have photographed a precious moment between me and my sister. The photo is me and her lying on the floor watching the plastic balls spiral around the tunnels and fall to the ground with a kerplunk!

That year, I received my first Walkman. A Walkman is essentially what an iPod is now, however this device was massive and not very portable... The size of a CD, heavy and silver. Lots of buttons and a miniature screen to tell me what track number I was listening to. I spent all day (topless still) with this Walkman sat on my lap with headphones listening to my favourite CD's; which back then probably was Now 53 or Westlife. I had a creepy obsession with Westlife as a child, I'm leaving that down to my mother who was also obsessed and forever replaying their albums on our stereo.

To end the day on high, I then proceeded to sit at our dinner table with my new prized possession - still listening on repeat to Westlife, whilst I avoided the gross looking and smelling vegetables and tucking into the turkey and pigs in blankets. I guess you could say this is where it all began... The beginning of unsociable times that would lead to my teenage years being hidden away either with a book or headphones in, blocking out the world!

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