Thursday, 21 August 2014

Haul - Boots, H&M and Topshop

Hi again, so last Thursday I went into the next town to shop with my mum for the day and here's what I purchased. Some of the items I couldn't find a suitable way to photograph so I'm just going to describe them as best as I can and I apologise for that. Hopefully soon I'll find a way to photograph them well but until then, you have to put up with my descriptive skills. 

I popped into Boots, well I say popped but I actually spent over 45 minutes deciding what to buy. Putting items into my basket and then finding something better and putting the original item back. Lesson for you: Never go shopping with me :)

Benefit V.I.P Spree - £9.95
BarryM Smokin' Hot Eyeshadow and Blush Palette - £6.49
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in the colour - Delicate Pearl 812 
Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish Nail Polish 239 Your Majesty - £3.69

The little Benefit box I found in the queue of boots, so I don't own any proper Benefit products yet but I've been dying to purchase some. However, I'm very scared of committing a larger prize to a cosmetic item incase I absolutely hate it so finding this miniature box of Benefit goodies was a godsend. It includes a mascara called the Badgal Lash, a lip-gloss called Ultra Plush in the colour Sugarbomb and a complexion enhancer called High Beam. The box comes with a business card kinda style card which enables you to get a free Benefit make-over at one of their counters in Boots which I thought was incredible. I probably won't use it though because I get anxious over those kind of things. Boots/Benefit also over the chance to receive 500 Advantage Card Points when you spend over £25 in one transaction in a Boots store. I've only used one product so far, which is the mascara and I love it. It doesn't clump your lashes together like some mascaras and it stays on!!! 

The BarryM Smokin' Hot Shadow and Blush Palette is beautiful. I saw it and had to have it. I currently am using the MUA Heaven and Earth palette for my eyes and that's been successful. But now I'm slowing bringing myself into the make-up game, I thought I'd spend a little bit more money on something. I opened this and literally gasped. There's something so stunning about eye shadow palettes that haven't been used yet isn't there?  

The palette comes with 6 different shades and a blush. There's 3 glittery shades, 3 standard matte shadows and a breathtaking coral blush. I haven't used this properly yet because 1) I was waiting to take photos of it 2) I haven't had a proper outing yet except work/appointments and just general errands so I'm yet to use this beauty. Although I did use the black matte shade for my lower lid because I saw that was a thing that some bloggers/youtubers have been doing lately so I tried that one out. 

This gorgeous lipstick that was purchased after my mum was rooting through the different shades showing me the ones she liked. I'm not a massive fan of bright lipsticks/lip products on me because I get very paranoid about lipstick on teeth or lipstick around my mouth so I try to stick to lighter shades and this one is so perfect. I adore it.

Topshop Purse -£16

As per usual, I found myself in Topshop but I had to stop myself from splurging too much money. I knew I needed/wanted a new purse because mine was getting disgusting, the decorations were falling off and it was ugly to be honest considering it was 2 years old. (Ew.) But yes, I saw this purse and instantly loved it, the bright colour lead me to it. I'll admit that it's maybe a bit too bright for A/W but it's ok right, to have a little pop of colour. For the price it was as well, I thought it was good. It's so exciting changing over your purses. I was sat in a cafe with my mum changing it over and I swear the staff members must have thought I was mental, getting excited over new card slots and sorting through all my receipts.

The next couple of items as I previously said haven't been photographed because quite frankly, I'm useless. So, I went into H&M and brought a couple of 'basic' items including a dark grey midi pencil skirt for just £7.99, such a basic that I needed it, a simple light grey t-shirt (good for winter layering), a (strange buy) pair of light grey jogging/casual wear bottoms that I literally can't get myself out of and a pair of black, tight, horse-riding style trousers. I think maybe you can see a pattern of grey clothing and you are correct. I've developed an obsession with grey clothing since I realised it was a massive staple in A/W this year. Continuing with the grey theme, if you go back to my first photo in this post, there is actually a silver nail polish which I am loving so much right now. My nails currently make me feel like I belong in the 90's for some reason.

That's all from me, enjoy reading :) 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Cornwall 2014 - Part 2

Hey, I'm back with my last post about my holiday to Cornwall recently.

On one of the days, me and my mum left my brother, sister and their dad to do some crab fishing and we went exploring. We went in all the quirky art galleries hidden around St Ive's town and this is from one of them. The artist is called Alexandra Dickens and I absolutely fell in love with her work. It looked so simple yet must have taken talent and time to complete. I brought some little post cards with her work on which were nice.

Returning to the same chocolate shop my family always go to when we're in St Ive's. I wish I could remember the name but it was a small chocolate shop in one of the lanes in the town and it sold scones and fudge also. These little shaped chocolates are so so so cute, I didn't buy one this year though because I had already treated myself to some chocolate orange flavoured fudge. But last year I brought one of the chocolate sheep. Mmmm.

Stopping for scones with my mum. Whilst waiting for my brother and sister to finish crab fishing along the harbour, I found a small cafe and brought my mum afternoon tea. I obviously couldn't miss a photo opportunity. I shared this plate with her and the scones were delivered to us, fresh and warm. One of the best things about being in Cornwall, fresh, warm, soft scones.

My brother and sister's successful crab fishing. How they picked the crab up, I have no idea. They only caught one though, bless them but it was a big one haha.

St Ive's Harbour

Land's End

My sister had such a massive appetite on holiday which was so unlike her, she was literally ordering pizza every night. Although I didn't eat this, it deserved a photo.It smelt yummy too.

St Michael's Mount

Briefly visited St Michael's Mount but we didn't have the time to go over there on a boat unfortunately. When the tide is low, you can actually walk over to the island and I wish we could have done that. Maybe next time, but it was a beautiful day and there were lots of doggies enjoying the cool ocean.

I took a wonder around a holiday camp one afternoon and the views were incredible. You could see the sea and because it was a clear day, it was so beautiful and calming. I strolled around for about half hour, taking in the stunning surroundings.

This is my last post on Cornwall although I could do more because I took so many photos. My next post is going to be a haul so look out for that :)

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Cornwall 2014 - Part 1

Last Sunday (3rd of August) I set off to Cornwall with my family for 6 days. I absolutely adore going to Cornwall, exploring all the little towns, the quirky shops and irresistible fudge shops. Normally when my family go on holiday, we just go Monday to Friday but because it was my brother's 10th birthday on the Monday, I suggested for us to leave a day earlier and stay in a hotel. Simply to save time travelling on my brother's birthday especially as it was a 5/6 hour drive there, also leaving late afternoon on a Sunday meant it wasn't going to be hell trying to miss traffic. 

I arrived in Plymouth which is actually in Devon at around half past 8 that evening. We were all very tired and impatient of travelling, it was such a relief. I rarely eat takeaways but I was so hungry that I couldn't say no so we drove into Plymouth town centre and found a fish and chips takeaway. The gentlemen serving us was so lovely and kind, I figured that he probably knew we had travelled far. 

Arriving at our hotel and bathing after a long trip was such a wonderful feeling. However we only paid for one room so 5 of us had to share one room and I will never do it again. It was so cramped and noisy blah blah blah. The next morning it was my brother's 10th birthday so he woke up to presents which was cute. We left early to travel that little bit further down into Cornwall but first we stopped off for breakfast at a supermarket.

My brother's 10th Birthday

I arrived in Penzance in Cornwall at around half 1 that day and we explored Penzance town briefly. My brother and sister brought ice creams from a shop called Willy Waller's, it was so quirky and the flavours of ice cream made me want to cry. Jaffa cake, bounty, white chocolate and raspberry, God it was endless. I unfortunately didn't get to taste any ice cream all week because I like to keep my sugars in control and I panic over food a lot (I'm diabetic if you didn't know). After a quick exploration, we arrived at our holiday camp. Very quiet and calm unlike other places we've been to. 

The Holiday Park

The next day, my family did some travelling and visiting different towns. The views around Cornwall on a sunny, clear day are breathtaking. (See next photo) I thought to myself a lot last week 'who needs to fork out thousands of pounds on a holiday abroad when it can be just as good here'. I took way too many photos of my surroundings last week but who cares because they are spectacular.

Cute Kitty

There was a cute, completely white cat walking around our holiday camp. It was so adorable and friendly, I wanted to take it home :( I'm unsure if it actually belonged to anybody on the park or if it had somehow found it's way in. All I know now is that I want a cat to cuddle :( 
Time to Myself

One of the evenings whilst we were away, I decided I didn't want to go out that evening to the entertainment so I stayed back. I had plenty of supplies - Dr Pepper Zero, orange flavoured jellies, writing and Cosmo magazine. It was bliss. Ft new cool pj's. 

St Ive's

St Ive's is my ultimate favourite place in Cornwall and I always manage to persuade my family to go there every time we're in Cornwall. The views at the top of the town from the car park were amazing, the only problem being having to walk from the car park into the town and back. Many hills and steep staircases. I love St Ive's because it's delicate and dainty, the stone/pebbled floors, sweet shops, the harbour. OH I forgot to mention I also saw a seal that day in the sea. It was so cool, I've never seen an animal like that in the open sea other than in an aquarium. I treated myself to two teeny, tiny bits of fudge but instantly regretted it when my sugars quickly rose to 25. Just my luck. The fudge I brought was in my favourite flavour of course, chocolate orange. Mmmm, if only I could have eaten more :(

More incredible views in St Ive's

As I previously said, who needs to spend too much money on going abroad when this is in the UK??? 

I'm going to split the Cornwall post into two because I have far too many pictures and too much to say, so this is all from post 1, enjoy :)