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July 29, 2014

It's10PM on a Tuesday evening and I begin this blog post half drowsy and half feeling nauseous due to attending an orthodontist appointment today. I had my braces tightened and I'm in immense pain so going back to my good old helpful buddy co-codamol, here I am, throbbing with pain. I apologise now for any mistakes or stupid sentences that do not make sense. 

This weeks post is going to be a week in photos kinda post with life updates because I have a couple of posts lined up but I haven't got all the bits and bobs required for those yet. But they are coming in the next upcoming weeks and I think they're exciting!!!

First BBQ of The Year

My family were very late to this, this year and I think it's down to the untrustworthy weather we experience in the UK. I say it's my first BBQ of the year but in real honesty, I don't eat meat nor carbs so no white burger rolls for me I'm afraid. Instead, I made myself a small salad with lettuce, cucumber and avocado, also my latest yummy discovery is cashew nuts and I couldn't stop myself putting them into my salad (with a cheeky bit of mayo mmm). Fruit, mushrooms and turkey Quorn burgers which I must add taste absolutely ravishing, I could live on them for the rest of my life. My unhealthy splurge in my meal was the processed sliced cheese but it's a BBQ I couldn't say no.

Shopping Day OOTD

Last Friday, after my short shift at work and it also being payday meant that I took a trip to the next town and did a cheeky bit of shopping. I won't tell you what I brought because that's another blog post. But here's a mirror selfie of my outfit which I loved, especially these jeans that are from Topshop. Also featuring the top that appeared in a blog post a couple of weeks back. 

Keeping Healthy - Long Walks

Nearly every night after our dinner, me and my mum will go for a long walk. It's cute, we talk about life, plans and the future often with the occasional bitch about somebody (this is where me and my mum are very similar). I enjoy our walks a lot lately because it's so lovely and warm and we walk past so many adorable dogs being walked by their owners and also because it's great exercise especially as I don't have the time/patience/money to go to the gym. This is just as effective.

Socks and Sandals

Rocking that latest trend of socks and sandals and getting away with it. Sunday morning, I woke my family up early, yes 8am on a Sunday morning, it was safe to say they hated me. We went out for the morning/afternoon to some garden centers about a 30 minute drive from out home. It was nice because it was sunny and we hadn't been in so long because normally on Sunday's I work awkward hours but on this particular day I had a later shift so I used my morning wisely. I wore this fairy/witch style skirt which is from Topshop and these recently purchased sandals from New Look with the classic pastel coloured Topshop frilly socks. 

Garden Centre Exploring

The garden centres that we looked around have always been my favourite since I was a little child because at Christmas and Halloween they are very themed and so beautiful and magical. It's like going to a completely different world. Obviously it's July and we're not near Halloween or Christmas just yet but the shops are just as fun to walk round. Me, my mum and my sister probably spent around half an hour smelling all the different scents of Yankee candles which I must say are incredible. I had to stop myself buying so many and ended up buying my mum a gift of one of them. I can't remember the exact name but it involved ginger.

Bright Colours

I recently purchased a new nail varnish (another one because I am addicted and running out of storage for them all) and I fell back to my trustworthy brand Rimmel. I don't know what it is about the 60 Seconds Nail Varnishes but I adore them. This beautiful teal colour is called 'District-ly Come Dancing'. I get attracted more to the colour if it has a cute name and I'm guessing I'm not the only one hahaha. Ignore my badly painted nails, I'm not very good at this kind of thing. I love these polishes because they're so reasonably cheap, pricing at around £3.69 each. I'm loving this skirt again at the minute, I brought it last summer in the Topshop sale for just £5 and admittedly I only wore it once last summer so this summer, it's back for good.

Fruity fruit

Currently loving to eat a lot of fruit despite the fact it doesn't agree with my blood sugars. Nothing more satisfying to me than a plate of fruit with a glass of water. Oh what lovely pale, chunky legs I have and fabulous pajamas's, bear in mind that this was at half past 1 this afternoon. Does anybody actually get dressed at a suitable time in the holidays? No, I didn't think so.

That's all from me this week, I like to think I have a couple of exciting posts coming up in the next few weeks and I hope you do find them enjoying. A little hint is that I'm going on holiday to Cornwall on Sunday for a week so we might have a post on that. Who knows?

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