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April 10, 2014

I have been a very bad blogger lately due to coursework/revision responsibilities. But I am back with a long (ish) kind of update in photos of what I've been doing and mostly eating.

(From left to right)

1. New phone (Oooh get me.)
Ok basically the other week I may or not have dropped my phone down the toilet and it ruined it. I learned a lesson of 'do not take your phone into the toilet' the hard way. But because I have the most wonderful and amazing mother, she opted to continue paying for my old iPhone because I couldn't afford to pay £400 to pay off the rest of the contract. Being the adult I now am, unfortunately, I got a new phone contract and cheaper too because I am a student (Woo!!!!)  Once you start using Apple products, you'll never stop. This is my 3rd iPhone because TWICE I repeat TWICE I have now dropped my phones in water. I decided to get the newest phone there and jumped at the chance for a beautiful rose gold phone and yes I am fully in love with it (and I got insurance this time. Ha.)

2. My sister's birthday
Also the same day as the phone incident. It was my sister's 11th birthday and she had a party at Quasar (extremely jealous because I never got a Quasar party), she invited all her friends who are all taller than her because unfortunately like me, she's the short one. Me and my mum put party bags together for them and it was very exciting, I also made cupcakes for them and put them in individual boxes. I don't have a picture available though because they were on my old phone, if you want to see it then go to my Instagram - brihend3rson. The story behind the cake in the above photo is that my mum attempted to make a cake for my sister but it went terribly wrong (I'm clearly the better baker!) so I quickly went shopping for a cake and I found this one in Marks and Spencers and it is actually a Mother's Day cake but who cares?

3. Mother's Day
Our traditional Mother's Day routine is to go out for dinner. We first drove to Watford to find an hour wait and decided to find somewhere else so we drove to our usual place of The Hungry Horse variety of pubs. This photo doesn't do my food any justice but that yellow cheesey stuff that looks like puke was actually two chicken breasts wrapped in bacon with BBQ sauce and melted cheese. Very unhealthy but so worth it. It was beautiful, my stomach was screaming.

4. Celebrity stalking
I can't believe I'm 18 and I went One Direction stalking. I went up to London with two of my friends and we went to the apparent studios that the band were in, we then found out that they weren't actually there and had left the weekend just passed. Despite the disappointment of not meeting the world's most famous boy band to this date, we did become fortunate to meet Lily Allen. How random? I absolutely loved her when I was growing up and am still a slight fan now and she was quite lovely, not that I spoke to her because I never know what to do or say in these situations so I just had a picture with her. Ha. 

5. Noah premiere
The same day I met Lily Allen I actually informed one of my friends that there was a film premiere going on in London the same day so after that little celebrity stalking episode, we travelled to Leicester Square and I was very surprised to find that it wasn't really that busy. We got there at about 5pm and got a decent position on the barriers although I had an old guy behind me who was dangerously close to me and I did not like it one bit. The premiere is for the film Noah and it stars Logan Lerman, Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and Douglas Booth. So in my photo is Logan Lerman, as you can probably tell and I just don't know what to say except beautiful.

The biggest moment of the day. Getting a friggin' selfie with Logan Lerman. What a beautiful man. I can officially say I have selfie'd with a celebrity and it feels fabulous. I'm such a bad fan because I didn't actually realise that he was American so when he spoke, I was like what... Logan actually said that he prefers all this selfie business to signing paper for people. Oh what a lovely, unexpected day. Not bad for a Monday I guess, right?

7/8. Emma friggin' Watson
I don't have much to say about these photos rather than the obvious. I didn't get to speak to her/get a selfie with her because she was in such a rush. But this woman is so flawless. I have extreme envy of everything about her and the images I got of her were incredible I must admit.

9. Shopping yay
I went shopping with my mum last week and I may have fallen into the River Island sales. I picked myself up a stripey, long sleeved turtle neck shirt and what is described as 'treggings' in a lovely pinky colour. I tried these items on in the shop and they looked great but when I have gone to wear the trousers, they are big for me. Sigh. I also picked myself up another Babylips because I love them a lot at the moment, this one is the cherry one which leaves a red/pink tint on your lips, adding to my small collection of peach and mint flavours. Another thing I am loving right now is the Rita Ora collection of nail varnishes at Rimmel, I now own 4 and I can't wait to buy more. I really like the colours, perfect for spring/summer I think. The shade I brought is called 'Breakfast in Bed', I love love cute names on products which is probably why I brought it.

10. Creme Egg Brownies.
I made some similar to this last year but this year I used the mini creme eggs now available. I got my recipe from a youtuber called Sacha (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3MZuJJHcwPvspSAkmTDGwA) He creates videos of cooking and his recipes are fabulous, I highly recommend watching his videos. I didn't get to eat these though because being diabetic and all, they would have sent my sugars soaring so I left my family to enjoy them. My sister rated them 10/10 so I'm guessing my baking is fabulous.

11. Cute cafes
Yesterday, shocker I went shopping with my mum again and we found this cafe that is run by a charity that helps people with mental health issues. They didn't have much selection but I was happy with a small breakfast and it was delicious although I did have to have white bread rather than brown bread which I hate.

12. Revision fuel
All the revising I'm doing lately means I definitely need a boost and fruit was for sure the perfect boost. 

If you've actually read all this and enjoyed all the exciting things in my life, well congratulations because this was a long post, I mean I even had to break for jelly whilst writing it. 

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