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March 12, 2014

The title is misleading because I'm actually doing a couple of weeks in photos to make up for the lack of blog posts lately. I do have some posts lined up, I just have to find the time to write them so here comes my *please don't hate me* for this shitty blog post.

1. The Book Thief
Last week I went to see The Book Thief and I had high expectations of it because I had recently read the book which I loved. I enjoyed the film a lot, a lot however they did miss out my favourite part (Not sure if this is a spoiler but) ****SPOILER IF YOU'RE GOING TO READ THE BOOK**** which was when Max Vandenburg created a story in a book for Liesel and in the film adaption, it didn't happen so yes one disappointment but other than that, it was excellent. The woman who portrayed Rosa Hubermann did a bloody fantastic job and I laughed hard at her attitude and I also fell more in love with Hans Huberman because of the way he was with Liesel. I highly recommend reading the book, it's nearly 600 pages long but so worth it or if not, just go see the film. Obviously I brought (Well, my mum brought haha.) Pepsi Max and I swear to God, the cinema's drink sizes are the size of my head. I should have done a comparison photo of me and the drink... 

Just a basic outfit of the day last week for college. I've been having very fabulous body confident days and this day was one of them. If i'm honest, I only took the photo because I appreciated my legs, for once. 
Shirt is from New Look £19.99

3. Pulp Fiction
I'm currently studying Film Studies and this film is part of the American Unit that we're looking at. I had already seen it prior to me beginning my A-Levels but I had to watch it again and make notes on it, blah blah blah. I definitely enjoyed this film and I could watch it again and again unlike the other film we're studying LA Confidential which bored me to death. It stars John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman and it was directed by Quentin Tarantino. If you enjoy the crime genre, I suggest watching this well in fact I suggest you watch it even if you don't. 

4. First walk in the woods
It's beginning to get warm again now, thank christ as it feels like we've been seeing rain for the last year. It's always been a thing in my family that we go walk the dog in Ashridge when it gets warm. So, after work when I told myself I would do some revision, I thought it was too a good opportunity to waste because it was nice and warm. We went quite late just as the sun was setting and it was beautiful (A bit muddy though), I tried to take a decent picture of the sunset but they were all rubbish. It's about time I invested in a digital camera and not rely on my iPhone quality.

5. Food shopping
Oh look, more Pepsi Max. Ha, I went food shopping with my mum a couple of weeks ago, I swear that's all me and my mum do. This chocolate (yes, it is diabetes friendly) was so good, I also brought a bar of white chocolate with raspberries in but I had already destroyed the packaging and ate some before I could take a picture. It's low in carbs which most people don't understand about diabetes, believe it or not, it's not actually the sugar in products that affects me, it's the carbs unless it's sugary drinks which are lethal. 

6. Film coursework
I'm surprised at myself for not being one of those people who leaves all their work to the last minute, I try and get all my work done when it's set so I'm not constantly stressing. I had already handed in my first draft of my coursework and I just had to improve it slightly so I sat in my lovely bed with a double duvet (I have a single bed, imagine how comfy I was) and watching 10 Things I Hate About You which trying to tackle this work. Sigh. Life.

7. Cheeky meal
My lesson was cancelled the other afternoon and I was in Welwyn Garden City so I went into Sainbury's cafe and treated myself to a cheeky brunch breakfast thing and oh my god, it was divine and low carb too.

8. Thursday Mornings
Thursday mornings are the worst because I have to leave my house at half past 6 to get to college on time. Last week when I left the house the sunrise looked so pretty.

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