My week in photos

February 23, 2014

Copying every other blogger and doing my week in photos. I might do these more often, that is of course if I actually do anything other than college work. 

(Top left) The Great Gatsby. My homework for Literature over the holidays was to read this book, praise the Lord it's quite short. I began reading it this week (and finished it obviously) and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to watch the latest film adaption in lesson in the next few weeks.

(Top right) On Tuesday, I went to London with my little brother Harley. We spent the day shopping at Shepherds Bush and Oxford Street and then we went to Ed's Easy Diner. I had a delicious burger, chips and onion rings. Ha I shared my onion rings with my brother and when we bit into them, the whole bit of onion came out. The restaurant was on Oxford Street and it was very small but it was fabulous service and it kept us out of the terrible English weather.

(Bottom left) Another picture of my brother as we were walking through Westfield's in the early morning. Such a handsome little lad. Fantastic day with him.

(Second right) Cheeky selfie in the H&M lifts on Oxford Street. It had like 5 floors, we got so confused and ended up spending about 15 minutes going up and down in the lifts trying to find the floor we wanted.

(Bottom right) On Wednesday, I went to London (again!) with my best pals. We went sight seeing (even though we live 20 minutes away from London, you can't really call us tourists). We found an amusements near the London Eye so my friends went on the bumper cars whilst I chickened out and was the bag lady. We also went to Planet Hollywood for dinner, where I had ANOTHER burger. It was so good.

(Top left) On Thursday, I went to Woburn Safari Park with my family. The weather was poo but I had a good day. Although I did nearly poo myself when a tiger came running towards our car hahaha. I loved the monkey area because the monkeys could actually jump on your car, it was so fun :') I felt like I was 5 again, I love animals so much, they're so cute.

(Bottom left) Toilet selfie oops. I went to a restaurant tonight with my family and I felt like a pretty little princess in this dress so selfies were needed. Oh and the lighting was fabuloussss

(Top right) In London this week, I went into paperchase and one of my friends told me about the lockable journals they sell so I brought this. It's so so so cute and pretty. It was also only £8 so reasonable pricing and who cares anyway because stationary/notepads etc are very cute.

(Bottom right) From my meal this evening, I wanted a starter but because of my unfortunate diabetes I couldn't eat a whole one myself so my mum ordered a sharing platter and oh my god. It was beautiful. Garlic bread, chicken strips, potato wedges, nachos and breaded mushrooms. I was in heaven.

That's all from me this week because of bloody college deadlines ***massive sigh*** but i'll try and try to write a better post soon.

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