The Aspect of Learning

January 28, 2014

Hi, well I'm going straight into my first ever blog post without a traditional introduction to me. This is because I genuinely don't know what to write about myself. Do I highlight all my bad qualities or my good ones?? Because I certainly do not know so for now until I have prepared an introduction I'm just going to write amazing (Probably not) blog posts.

Drum roll please.

My first blog post is about learning because I was on my way home from college today; a boring hour and a half journey and I was thinking about life and how much I love learning. That thought developed into a note draft kind of thing on my phone and here I am about to type my thoughts for people to see. Oh holy moly.

Every single human alive right now genuinely learns something new every day and I find it visually striking that our brains do that for us. We read books, internet articles and watch the news or watch TV shows or we learn to do something practical such as learning to drive or learning a foreign language. We begin to learn how to live as soon as we are born; we learn to crawl, we learn how to eat, to burp, (to poop, that's gross right?) and we learn how to make noises that eventually form our vocabulary. Those a just a couple of things us humans learn to do from a little baby. It's quite astounding how we learn. It's amazing how every single human being does not have the same knowledge as another person yet we may like the same subjects.

The more we re-visit something, the more it stays in our brains and progresses into stronger knowledge. Also the younger the age we learn something at, the quicker it is for us to learn it, which is why it's advised that if you're going to learn a foreign language you should probably start from a young age. I think it's incredible that we feed our brains this information and it remembers it, but we can make that bond stronger by brain training.

We never stop learning because we try new things every day, well I hope to think we do or we meet a new person who may tell us an interesting fact. All these individual things we choose to learn are what makes us who we are. Some people want to learn how to become a mechanic and some people want to learn how to become a make-up artist. Either if it's learning mentally from the mistakes we made or if it's learning physically by learning to drive a car, we are still learning. It's kinda funny how all humans have a different way of learning, some people prefer being showed images and visualizing, some people like to listen to somebody talking to them about a subject and some people just simply like to read a piece of information. For example, I learn by someone reading something to me and writing notes from it and also by working by myself but somebody else might not get any gain from that learning method whereas I do.

I hope to write many more hopefully cool posts and I hope you enjoyed this. Haha.

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